This classic book marks the beginning of an era of vigorous mathematical progress in equilibrium statistical mechanics Its treatment of the infinite system limit has not been superseded, and the discussion of thermodynamic functions and states remains basic for recent work The conceptual foundation provided by the Rigorous Results remains invaluable for the study of the spectacular developments of statistical mechanics in the second half of the th century


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    This book gives a very detailed, very useful introduction to the mathematical backgrounds of the thermodynamics field this book is really indispensable for every thoughtful maths physics chemistry student, as well as for the already formed, profound specialists in the field s

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    Statistical mechanics is a seminal book about thermodynamic systems, written in 1968.As the subtitle suggests, the mathematical treatment of thermodynamic systems is rigorous.While it is outdated, it can serve as a reference books.I found it useful even though I m not in physics but statistics.