Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively Sean Carroll CollectionBooks Set Something Deeply Hidden From the Royal Society Winton Prize winner Sean Carroll examines what it means to exist on this speck of dust in a possibly infinite universe It s fascinating to see a real working physicist thinking these things through and trying to come to a conclusion Professor Brian Cox on The Big Picture, a Mail on Sunday Book of the Year Quantum physics is not mystifying The implications are mind bending, and not yet fully understood, but this revolutionary theory is truly illuminating It stands as the best explanation of the fundamental nature of our world The Big Picture Where are we Who are we Do our beliefs, hopes and dreams hold any significance out there in the void Can human purpose and meaning ever fit into a scientific worldview Award winning author Sean Carroll brings his extraordinary intellect to bear on the realms of knowledge, the laws of nature and the most profound questions about life, death and our place in it allFrom Darwin and Einstein to the origins of life, consciousness and the universe itself The Particle at the End of the Universe It was the universe s most elusive particle, the linchpin for everything scientists dreamed up to explain how physics works It had to be found But projects as big as CERN s Large Hadron Collider don t happen without incredible risks and occasional skullduggery In the definitive account of this landmark event, Caltech physicist and acclaimed science writer Sean Carroll reveals the insights, rivalry, and wonder that fuelled the Higgs discovery, and takes us on a riveting and irresistible ride to the very edge of physics today

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