Covering both fundamental and advanced aspects in an accessible way, this textbook begins with an overview of nuclear reactor systems, helping readers to familiarize themselves with the varied designs Then the readers are introduced to different possibilities for materials applications in the various sections of nuclear energy systems Materials selection and life prediction methodologies for nuclear reactors are also presented in relation to creep, corrosion and other degradation mechanisms An appendix compiles useful property data relevant for nuclear reactor applications Throughout the book, there is a thorough coverage of various materials science principles, such as physical and mechanical metallurgy, defects and diffusion and radiation effects on materials, with serious efforts made to establish structure property correlations wherever possible With its emphasis on the latest developments and outstanding problems in the field, this is both a valuable introduction and a ready reference for beginners and experienced practitioners alike

2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Nuclear Materials: Fundamentals and Applications

  1. R. Mattingly R. Mattingly says:

    Unfortunately the professor who wrote this textbook is actually my professor in my Nuclear Materials course Therefore the lecture is essentially a re hashing of this horribly written textbook Often the chapter questions will refer to concepts which were not discussed within the chapter, and the absolutely inconsistent use of subscripts and general variable meanings changes throughout the book The Kindle version of this book is quite poor as it is indexed by locations rather than page numbers for some reason that no human will ever understand Also formulas are EXTREMELY small and unable to be zoomed in upon for, again, some reason that no human will ever understand.Dr Murty is a brilliant man, but wow, someone really should have co authored this abysmal textbook with him to ensure it wasn t such a frustrating experience.

  2. Trevor L. Trevor L. says:

    Interesting content, but this book is riddled with grammatical errors It is obvious that the author does not speak English as a first language, and it amazes me that the editor let so many things get by These mistakes make it difficult for me to concentrate on the concepts.