This book is a guide to numerical methods for solving fluid dynamics problems The most widely used discretization and solution methods, which are also found in most commercial CFD programs, are described in detail Some advanced topics, like moving grids, simulation of turbulence, computation of free surface flows, multigrid methods and parallel computing, are also covered Since CFD is a very broad field, we provide fundamental methods and ideas, with some illustrative examples, upon whichadvanced techniques are built Numerical accuracy and estimation of errors are important aspects and are discussed in many examples Computer codes that include many of the methods described in the book can be obtained onlineThis th edition includes major revision of all chapters some new methods are described and references torecent publications with new approaches are included Former Chapteron solution of the Navier Stokes equations has been split into two Chapters to allow for adetailed description of several variants of the Fractional Step Method and a comparison with SIMPLE like approaches In Chaptersto , most examples have been replaced or recomputed, and hints regarding practical applications are made Several new sections have been added, to cover, eg immersed boundary methods, overset grids methods, fluid structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer