How does Einstein s description of space and time compare with Doctor Who Can James Bond really escape from an armor plated railroad car by cutting through the floor with a laser concealed in a wristwatch What would it take to create a fully intelligent android, such as Star Trek s Commander DataExploring Science Through Science Fiction addresses these and other intriguing questions, using science fiction as a springboard for discussing fundamental science concepts and cutting edge science research It includes references to original research papers, landmark scientific publications and technical documents, as well as a broad range of science literature at apopular levelThe revised second edition includes expanded discussions on topics such as gravitational waves and black holes, machine learning and quantum computing, gene editing, andIn all, the second edition now features overreferences to specific scenes inthansci fi movies and TV episodes, spanning overyears of cinematic historyDesigned as the primary text for a college level course, this book will appeal to students across the fine arts, humanities, and hard sciences, as well as any reader with an interest in science and science fictionPraise for the first editionThisjourney from science fiction to science fact providesan engaging and surprisingly approachableread Jen Jenkins, Journal of Science Fiction, Vol , September