MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH Updated, currentedition the indispensable field manual for preppers, hunters, campers, outdoorspeople, and FULL SIZE FORMAT biggest edition available anywhere giantxsize means large, clear print and pictures Created and trusted by US forces to educate military personnel and save lives from traumatic injury under the most adverse emergency conditions ESSENTIAL PREPAREDNESS for every home, business, bag, cabin, RV, aircraft and auto Batteries last hours, books last decades Get the print edition IMPORTANT unlike most other editions available, this is NOT the basic, outdated FM this is the completely overhauled TC, in a large sizexformat COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED This edition supersedes the old FM and older FM The fate of the wounded rests in the hands of the ones who apply the first dressing Nicholas Senn,th President, American Medical Association When disaster strikes and medical personnel are not readily available, it is the knowledge and behavior of the non medical people present that save lives Use this book to teach yourself and those around you both self aid, and aid to others buddy aid Above all, this book provides the tools you and your comrades require to promptly and effectively sustain life, and minimize suffering and disability This indispensable book is essential preparedness for every home, business and vehicle INCLUDES FUNDAMENTALS OF FIRST AID TERMINOLOGY VITAL BODY SYSTEMS GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FIRST AID COMBAT AND OPERATIONAL STRESS REACTION EVALUATING CASUALTIES OPENING THE AIRWAY AIRWAY OBSTRUCTIONS FIRST AID FOR AN OPEN CHEST WOUND FIRST AID FOR A BLEEDING EXTREMITY FIRST AID FOR BURNS PREVENTING CONTROLING SHOCK FIRST AID FOR NERVE AGENT INJUDY FIRST AID FOR BITES AND STINGS FIRST AID FOR HEAT ILLNESS FIRST AID FOR COLD INJURY RIGID SPLINTS RESCUE BREATHING EXTERNAL CHEST COMPRESSIONS HEAD INJURIES ABDOMINAL INJURIES IMPALEMENT INJURIES USE OF ELASTIC BANDAGES USE OF SLINGS AND SWATHES TREATING A CASUALTY FOR SNAKEBITE TREATMENT FOR ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK TRANSPORTING CASUALTIES FIRST AID FOR LACERATIONS OF THE EYELID FIRST AID FOR FOREIGN BODIES ON THE EYE FIRST AID FOR EXTRUSIONS OF THE EYE FIRST AID FOR CHEMICAL BURNS OF THE EYE IMPROVED FIRST AID KIT GLOSSARY, REFERENCES, INDEX Please note this publication replaces the older FM MCRPG, and provides readers with a condensed First Aid manual that they can read quickly and store anywhere, due to its lower page count and condensed nature However, the older manual is still in use in some quarters and if you prefer a larger First Aid manual, please search for ISBN X, The Official US Marine Corps First Aid Handbook and decide which is appropriate for your needs Thank you Search for CARLILE MILITARY LIBRARY to find TOP FLIGHT, SQUARED AWAY publications for your professional bookshelf Published in the USA by CARLILE MEDIA Information purposes only Note Second Edition