A step by step guide that clearly illustrates how to turn great knots into great bondage When Two Knotty boys, Dan and JD, began teaching rope bondage together they discovered that people learn best when they are shown close up how to tie knots and combine them with bondage techniques They replicate this learning process with overphotos by acclaimed fetish photographer Ken Marcus and a wealth of captions, delivered in a lighthearted style, offering the world of safe BDSM to a new, curious audience

6 thoughts on “Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes

  1. carcier.co Customer carcier.co Customer says:

    Its okay but the knot construction is rubbish and leaves you scratching your head which is really shame as all the information is there it just needs to be a lot clearer If it had been I would have given it 5 starts

  2. A Martey A Martey says:

    Perfect thank you just what I was looking for.

  3. Philip Thompson Philip Thompson says:

    Wish this had been around ten years earlier as I have missed out.Photography clear and excellent and text witty clear informed and engaging.I love the humour and that the boys do not get precious or preachy as others have, but see rope work as something to enjoy.Some great ties and ideas to enhance anyone s rope work.Difficult to praise too highly buy it, try it.

  4. Mr. Stephen John Venus Mr. Stephen John Venus says:

    Good fun.reading

  5. Aloysious Aloysious says:

    This book is something that needs to be in any roper or riggers library.Good section on general rope safety without labouring the point and then straight into useful stuff you can learn.

  6. Gamlaman Gamlaman says:

    Two guys who obviously know there stuff Superb photographic illustrations Some of the complicated knotting can be a little difficult to follow but the effort is rewarding.