The Skeletal System chart displays complete front and rear views of the human skeleton Other illustrations include the bones of the ear, the vertebral column and bone structure Heavy cover stock with protective varnish for durability

11 thoughts on “Skeletal System Paper Poster

  1. derryborn19 derryborn19 says:

    Nice poster, nice images and clear text, good quality

  2. P BURGER P BURGER says:

    Good drawings, lots of details, the ligaments are clearly shown the boney promenices are indicated, I find it a very helpful tool for learning and showing to it my massage clients

  3. Murray Murray says:

    Bought this to help me study quicker for my wall It reminds me of the ones you would see in the doctors office which suggests they are good Very detailed but simple enough to understand without losing what you are looking at etc Great deal.

  4. tresca wilson tresca wilson says:

    Bought as a present for someone doing health and fitness course, they are very happy with product.

  5. Mrs. Donna Mcneill Mrs. Donna Mcneill says:

    Very useful

  6. razor razor says:


  7. Harjit Dhillon Harjit Dhillon says:

    Im really happy with the poster It was delivered very quickly too

  8. peter moore peter moore says:


  9. Whitney Whitney says:

    Ich finds einfach super

  10. jennifer dronet jennifer dronet says:

    I purchased this chart to use with my children during a homeschool health class I didn t pay much attention to the size of the chart when I ordered it I was very impressed with it when it arrived It has a nice coating on it to make it durable and it is very informative and thorough Especially for the price Thrilled with this purchase

  11. AZ Customer AZ Customer says:

    Great poster that labels and details everything I need to know about the skeletal system I refer back to it constantly to make sure that I am labeling them right for my classes and tests It s pretty large and detailed to the tee and so it doesn t look all too shabby in my room In fact I think it compliments it but that s just my personal opinion Great buy Definitely recommended to anyone who studies the human anatomy or skeleton.