Please note that a new edition of this title is now available ISBNAS A NURSE, YOU WILL NEED TO DO CLINICAL CALCULATIONS EVERY DAY THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU GET THEM RIGHT EVERY TIME A working grasp of numeracy and basic mathematical skills is vital in modern nursing Many student nurses have only a limited knowledge of the subject and struggle to get to get to grips with the key principles and calculations they need to know Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses is a user friendly introduction to the subject which guides the reader from the basics through to the core calculations required in a healthcare setting Using extensive worked examples the author links the abstract mathematics to real world situations to help the reader understand the subject in the context of their nursing practice Rather than simply training by rote, the book features Sense Checks , Top Tips and Error Alerts to encourage the reader to develop their overall numeracy skills, and thus minimise the possibility of future errors ContentsNumeracy and calculation skills in the clinical environment Back to basics The SI system Calculating drug doses Other clinical calculations Tests Appendices Administering medicines safely, Routes of administration, Medication administration records, Drug glossary, Multiplication grid Self assessment test answers References

8 thoughts on “Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses

  1. Maddie Maddie says:

    Brought this book after starting medication calculation classes at nursing school Having struggled with maths in school I found this book really helpful in explaining the different methods for calculating tables, liquids medicines and I.V calculations step by step It comes with practice questions at the end of each section which is really helpful in getting me to remember and test myself I ve taken this book on placement with me a couple of times to help support me when assisting with medication calculations, its quite small and light so easy to fit in my bag Would strongly recommend

  2. Instagram @troyleslie Instagram @troyleslie says:

    Got sufficient information around the area of clinical calculations Good for numeracy interview assessments I d recommend it still

  3. Booba miggs Booba miggs says:

    For someone that wasn t confident with her mathematical ability and dreaded drug calculations test this book has been brilliant This is one of two purchased on to refresh me and prepare me for return to nursing practice drug calculations test Can t recommend enough Please try it Very simple to understand EXCELLENT book

  4. InsightMona InsightMona says:

    Bought it to pass a numeracy test at university and it has helped me pass with flying colours I must admit, the book was at first not so clear and I only felt like this because I have been using another book.The book is easy to read and there are a lot of instructions, tests answer to check whether you understand things So, overall it gets a thumbs up from me because you get a good quality item for a reasonable price.

  5. Tina Tina says:

    This book is really helpful I m an adult returning to education This book simplified fractions and decimals It s really helping me with college getting ready for university I would recommend this book if you struggle with numbers

  6. john brighton john brighton says:

    Clear easy to follow Tried similar titles that were effectively useless typos, incomprehensible, irrelevant This was the opposite V good.

  7. M Burke M Burke says:

    I purchased this book for my return to nursing course The content is great The text is small,fine and too much on a single page which makes it very difficult to read

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Passed my final non calc 3rd Year drug calculations exam in adult nursing at first attempt Simple to understand Goes back to basics, breaking it down step by step and then can mark yourself using the answers at the back This along with YouTube tutorials Practise, Practise, Practise