Bright Red Revision Higher Physics covers all the important examinable concepts from the three mandatory units Mechanics and Properties of Matter, Electricity and Electronics and Radiation and Matter The book also contains an indispensable overview of the course, and an introduction to what to expect from the exam Bright Red Revision Higher Physics provides an invaluable introduction to Scientific Quantities and Measures, and contains a chapter devoted to Dealing with Uncertainties It also features best advice on how to tackle the concepts and areas identified in the Principal Assessor s Report as the most problematic for students The book also includes a full chapter on Questions and Equations, dealing with Questions, Formulae and Physical Quantities The Bright Red Revision range is full colour, attractive and engaging, displaying a clean and completely modern design All the essential material from the course is addressed, and arranged in easily digestible topics, running in a logical order, and contained in double page spreads, to make revision manageable

8 thoughts on “Bright Red Revision: Higher Physics

  1. E Forsyth E Forsyth says:

    Excellent book, Our daughter is using it to help her degree, as she did Biology and Chemistry at school, but not Physics Great, concise book, covering the fundamentals of the subject.

  2. Adam Bioletti Adam Bioletti says:

    This is a very good book for anyone studying higher physics I purchased this book as I was struggling with some sections of the course and found it difficult to follow my teacher The book describes in detail each section of the course, with clear descriptions, examples and images to aid understanding I would thoroughly recommend this book.

  3. J.Singh J.Singh says:

    Helped with my studies, Great material

  4. Mrs. C. Otigbah Mrs. C. Otigbah says:

    Great for revising for exams Arrived very quickly and in excellent condition My daughter who is studying for her physics higher uses it every day.

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  6. Ben Ben says:

    great book for revision.

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    very helpful.