Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy

10 thoughts on “Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy: The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it

  1. E. N. Gordon E. N. Gordon says:

    Well as many others state this book and the man himself are life savers I had researched my symptoms and self diagnosed after a miserable few years of feeling very unwell My gp said I had fibromyalgia then eventually I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue I started to self treat and my symptoms cleared up my cfs specialist told me stop my supplements and I eventually got ill again I started my protocol again and she insisted my response to the supplements was psychosomatic and I should seriously stop taking them I did stop and got really ill again I decided to go to an integrative gp who confirmed my self diagnosis and gave me Dr Peatfield s details I went to see him and again my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism were confirmed He said it sounds as if I was mildly hypothyroid my entire life but things became much worse after a difficult pregnancy and labour I have been to ing and fro ing to gps for nearly two decades being told I m depressed and giving me pills I don t want I ve been symptomatic since having my son yet every test came back normal It s such a relief to be treated as a competent human by Dr Peatfield I luckily had already gone grain free and dairy free so didn t need to tweak my diet protocol I am taking 4 adrenal extra and have worked my way up to 3 thyroid it s early days yet but there has been an improvement as in I no longer feel as if I am dying If you suspect You have adrenal fatigue and or hypothyroidism please read this book and go and see Dr Peatfield he s really great and I m very sorry that all drs aren t like him I ve been chopped up and plied with lists of drugs all because my results appeared normal I ve lost the best part of my youth plagued with illness, pain, allergies, insomnia, fatigue all because GPS and specialists refuse to believe we know our own bodies are going wrong and that all there pills won t be of any help I stopped all pharmaceuticals some years ago and changed my diet and used vitamins and supplements I m not sure what would have happened if I d not made those changes but ultimately what I really needed was supplemental thyroid and adrenal glandular.

  2. Nasreen K. Nasreen K. says:

    I suffer from underactive thyroid and I have three daughters who have been told they may have Hashimoto s borderline I was quite amazed by two things in this book The depth of knowledge and it is told as it should be. truthfully and to the point Working in the hospital myself, there is a lot of terminologies that I understand, but endocrine is something I do not understand The Dr describes everything so well for the lay person to understand It is addictive and very interesting Could not put it down Excellent condition as well

  3. Heb01 Heb01 says:

    I have Hashimotos disease and was only diagnosed fairly recently, despite having suffered with symptoms since my early teens I ve been told it s down to vitamin deficiency, anxiety, chronic fatigue Even when I was finally granted a FULL thyroid blood panel and told everything was normal , they were wrong I obtained a copy of my results and sure enough, my antibodies were way above range This was the beginning of me becoming my own advocate.Initially I went along with my GP s advice but became gradually disillusioned as I realised he really doesn t know very much about the thyroid, or autoimmune conditions Many of my problems were dismissed as being all in my head the usual hysterical female thing we get gaslighted and offered antidepressants and or counselling when what we really need is the correct medication and someone to listen to our symptoms rather than fixating on numbers I was woefully undermedicated with Levothyroxine for months on end and felt awful, having developed strange and alarming symptoms.So I joined Thyroid UK s online community where I found out about this book Sadly Dr Peatfield has now retired but the advice within the book is really valuable Nothing s too difficult to understand and this is coming from someone who doesn t do science There is another way read it and learn about adrenal function, how the thyroid works and most importantly how you can help yourself.Between this book and the online support I ve received, I ve gained the confidence to self treat and no longer be at the mercy of ignorant and dismissive health professionals I m at the start of my journey but no longer despairing, and Dr Peatfield s book is a great resource to have He s an expert on all things thyroid and despite being treated as a pariah by the establishment due to his alternative approach has helped many, many people get their lives and health back.

  4. Derek Smith Derek Smith says:

    I have suffered with CFS for 40 years and I am convinced that the thyroid is the root cause This book was recommended to me by Thyroid UK and I can see why It is written by a doctor who has extensive knowledge of thyroid issues It is written in simple English and is perfect for those new to thyroid issues and who suffer with brain fog and like me totally dissatisfied with the treatment from the NHS

  5. Suzie R Suzie R says:

    I wish I had been handed this book with my hypothyroid diagnosis 15 years ago I cannot understand why the medical profession clings to their non1sensical beliefs about the thyroid, and their incorrect testing, and frankly superstitious beliefs about blood tests So many years of terrible suffering I endured because of trusting these ignorant, ego centric doctors This book respects the patient as a person of equal intelligence and puts control back in our hands It is a life saving gift But one star removed for inaccurate and prejydicial talk about ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome That rankled But doesn t detract from the excellence of the rest of the book.

  6. johnlawrenceaspden johnlawrenceaspden says:

    I don t agree with everything in this book, but Dr Durrant Peatfield has written a terrific summary of what might be called the standard alternative medicine approach to hypothyroidism.I think most of it s basically right It s a very accessible self help book for those who think they have thyroid trouble, but whose doctors cannot help them.Take everything in it with a pinch of salt, but also give it a try and see whether it works

  7. DK13000 DK13000 says:

    C est un document qui apporte plein de r ponses assez claires sur le fonctionnement du m tabolisme L auteur aborde toutes les solutions th rapeutiques, qu elles soient naturelles ou pharmaceutiques, avec les pour et les contres de chacune d elles Pour finir, il donne des r f rences de sites, de produits etc. Bref un manuel pratique et th orique que je recommanderais toute personne concern e par le sujet.

  8. rave rave says:

    Hier sieht man mal wieder, dass die Briten und Amerikaner sehr viel weiter sind, was dieUrsachenforschung und Behandlung der Schilddrse und Hormone betrifft und nicht zu vergessen die Nebennieren, was bei deutschen rzten kaum Beachtung findet.

  9. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    This book is well known around the world and is written so that we better understand how the Thyroid works and how it needs to be supported.

  10. Karsiyaka Karsiyaka says:

    This book was written by a British medical doctor who became disillusioned with the NHS National Health System in England, came to the USA to study with Dr Broda Barnes the clinical diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders and adrenal problems with integrated approach by using bio identical hormones, nutrition and life style changes He retired from practicing medicine, studied nutrition and started writing and lecturing about the subject in order to educate medical practitioners and lay people.The name of the first edition of this book was The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it If you are anybody who suffers from chronic disease such as thyroid disorders, you can understand how appropriate the title is for this subject because while suffering tremendously, many patients with chronic disease get to be treated by clueless doctors as if the patients are out of their minds and need some antidepressants.If you or a loved one suffers from any chronic disease, I recommend reading the first section, the first sixty pages, Women s Hormones by Pamela Smith, MD since it summarizes the function of the most important hormones in human body such as cortisol, insulin, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, etc, the symptoms in case of deficiency of excess, and how to maintain optimum levels Also Dr Frank Sallenberger s free educational videos on his website are excellent The Secret of Healing Chronic Disease How to Keep Your Thyroid and Adrenal Glands Happy and Bio Identical Hormones This book may have some technical language, no than ten or so pages, but mostly is written in a straight forward and a simple language for lay people It is very thorough and doesn t leave out anything have to do with this subject The chapters cover how thyroid gland works, how things go wrong, symptoms signs and treatment of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, the role of iodine other hormones estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, melatonin and DHEA , adrenal thyroid connection, Wilson Syndrome, full treatment protocol for the body such as getting rid or candida, liver detox and using bio identical hormones for female and male menopause , parathyroid glands, relationship between thyroid gland other illnesses diabetes, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, and fibromyalgia , uses of growth hormone, holistic life style changes, interpretation of blood test results, losing weight and a chapter for medical doctors at the end.As far as I am concerned this is the best book written about thyroid disorders because not only it covers everything to do with thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue disorder, bio identical hormone replacement for women and men, how hormones work together, chronic fatigue fibromyalgia and much but it does it in a concise lay language without being wordy or technical.