Roger P Allen sScripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy The complete workspresents a comprehensive source of scripts and strategies that can be used by hypnotherapists to build a successful framework for any therapy session This book or, to be specific, this revised and updated compendium of Volumes I and II is designed to be of assistance to all therapists as they unlock the possibilities that exist for their clients and help them make significant and beneficial changes to their perceptions and beliefs Upon compiling it, Allen s ultimate aim was to provide practitioners with the best toolkit of strategies possible, replete with a variety of practical scripts to serve as the basis for their interventions, derived from his own experiences as a therapist It covers inductions, deepeners and actual scripts for a wide range of cases from nail biting to insomnia, sports performance to past life recall, speech difficulty to loss and bereavement, pain management to resolving sexual problems, andThere is a particularly comprehensive section on smoking cessation, including a specimen questionnaire for use during the initial interview as well as useful content for a leaflet on the dangers of smoking to give to clients to take away with them following the session All of the scripts can be used as they stand, or adapted as necessary for specific situations and for client specific needs and concerns Suitable for hypnotherapists of all levels of experience

9 thoughts on “Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy: The Complete Works

  1. Mr. Rd Kirkby Mr. Rd Kirkby says:

    A decent book, a little outdated but a great foundation, for helping you to write your own hypnosis scripts Patter Many conditions coveredYou won t be disappointed, with this book especially if you use it, to help you write your own material, I.e adapt it to your own style, or clients needs

  2. Ann Day Ann Day says:

    Another fantastic resource book This book is divided into sections including excellent sections for stress management, weight loss and smoking cessation I bought this when I was training and I continue to use it regularily for ideas and inspiration for my practice The scripts are elegant with plenty of methaphors and a good mixture of direct and indirect suggestions In fact I would say this is probably the most used resource I have If you have only money to buy one book then this is the one I would most recommend.

  3. Pukka Pukka says:

    No matter how long you have been an hypnotist, this is a great guide and reference I have used mine on numerous occasions, for ideas and inspiration written in a simple and easy to understand way.

  4. jack jack says:

    Great book

  5. susan susan says:

    Lots of good ideas in here for Hypnotherapy sessions Very good book When I let go of my Hypno books a few years back this was 1 of the only ones that I kept.

  6. stephen stephen says:

    Wow, I love this book, every hypnotherapist should have a copy as a reference book.

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    As described

  9. Customer Customer says:

    This is PERFECT