Gravity Cracking the Cosmic Code is the story of gravity and the heroic efforts to make sense of this mysterious feature of all our lives The book takes a historical approach beginning with early attempts to understand astronomy leading up to Newton s theory of gravity and its publication in his masterpiece the Principia, the book that launched the modern scientific age The book describes how Newton s theory ruled for over two hundred years until it was superseded by Einstein s very different theory based on the curvature of space and time One mind bending result of Einstein s theory is that there are regions of space that operate like one way trapdoors from which nothing can escape, not even light These objects are known as black holes The book looks at their properties and the ideas of Stephen Hawking who showed that they might not be totally black after all The puzzle that physicists now face is how to marry gravity and quantum mechanics Many believe that success in this endeavour will bring about the ultimate Theory of Everything The final chapter of the book presents the dramatic recent discovery of a supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy

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    I would recommend this to anyone interested in the fascinating history of gravitation.The author s style of writing is, at the same time, both enthusiastic and relaxed What makes this better than any other non technical book I ve read on this subject, are the following 1 It s not a pure history book Many of the topics, such as general relativity and symmetry, are enriched by intuitive descriptions that I found very interesting.2 It also thoroughly covers the varying contemporary theories on gravitation.For these reasons, while I m sure this book can be enjoyed by anyone, it ll be especially useful for those physics students who also want to understand the subject in non mathematical terms.

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    This was a gift for my husband As he is delighted with it, this mark is fair

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    If you enjoyed Nicholas Mee s previous book, Higgs Force, then you should read Gravity It takes a historical perspective, starting with the ancient Greeks and leading to the modern day It is a very entertaining and engaging book, but sufficiently rigorous for the layman The book is interspersed with a few puzzles to keep your mind focused they are not difficult so take the time to think about what you ve read and you will likely get the answer If only school lessons had been as interesting There is a lot of history to cover, so the interesting characters through time can be visited only briefly Tyco Brahe is an intriguing character but you meet many of the protagonists, including one or two you whose names are not well remembered The book has excellent reference notes in the back, with an extremely helpful page header that gives the chapter and page numbers to which the numbered notes on the page refer I haven t seen this exact referencing technique before and like it.As you reach the contemporary theories, things can get challenging These subjects are just plain hard, and you probably need to read several texts to try to get a notion of them.I didn t buy the book from I bought it directly from the author on his stand at Astrofest in London, February 2016 I had not heard of him before so I bought these as a pure random pick But they will remain in my book collection and I would recommend them to anyone, even if like me you have read many popular science books.

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    Utterly brilliant

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    I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand about the science of the universe It looks at the history of science and the fascinating characters who have shaped our understanding of the cosmos from Galileo to Hawking Covering a wide range of topics such as the Big Bang, string theory and black holes, to exciting developments such as awaited Event Horizon Telescope The book is written in an informative, engaging and easy to read style I read this book as a follow on to Higgs Force Cosmic Symmetry Shattered, another book by the same author, which again is another fascinating insight into the history of science to present day.

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    Conoscevo Mee da un libro The Physical World OUP pi ampio scritto con Manton di cui sapevo gi il valore Ero curioso di valutare il suo apporto in quel libro che si distingue da altri a livello universitario Cos mi sono ritrovato con un libretto di 400 pagine in cui c tutta la fisica nella sua essenza, quasi senza formule solo 4 e con una dovizia di puzzles e notizie letterarie Ovviamente la narrazione tutta inglese Chi conosce l astronomo Horrocks o il campanaro Stedman, vissuti al tempo di Newton Galileo ricorre visitato ad Arcetri da Milton, l autore del Paradiso perduto , ma sbagli su inerzia e maree il termine paulion sarebbe stato pi appropriato di fermion per indicare certe particelle perch seguono il principio di Pauli , come se loro non avessero battezzato solo Higgs un bosone previsto anche da Brout e Englert

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    Very enjoyable book about current thinking on gravity I chose this book after reading the author s book on the higgs force also good His thorough knowledge of the subject along with the people involved and the history is interwoven in a fashion that made this book quite an enjoyable read I found the book as entertaining as informative Who d have thunk that English bells were related to group theory which would prove useful to gravity theory One minor problem the book format for my paperwhite was one font size smaller than other kindle books Once I changed size, the format including pictures was excellent I don t know if the problem was the book or my device.

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    Dr Mee s book is an excellent introduction to the state of gravitational research and provides a clear picture of what we know, what we think we know and what remains to be.discovered The book is well written, as are all of his works, and the illustrations provide exceptional clarity to the concepts presented I am retired but still teach physics and astronomy occasionally I have recommended Dr Mee s books to my students and they are universally well received The work is entertaining, thought provoking and scientifically sound It belongs on the shelf or in the E Reader of anyone interested in gravity.

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    Nicely written, and easy to understand mostly The chapters are short, and make it easy to find a place to put your bookmark when you need to put it down If you ve wanted a book that would explain the gravity theories of the cosmos in a non threatening way, this is it Great examples and the use of Feynman diagrams help anyone grasp the big picture of the universe s we live in and how the different forces work on and interact with each other The relationships between among the great thinkers is also explored Did you know Einstein couldn t do higher math Luckily, he did have a good friend who could help him with the formulas Lots of little nuggets like this will keep you reading.The mostly for me was String Theory I finally wrapped my head around the multi multiple universes I mean 25 dimensions is a bit over whelming Finally, figured it out this way when you put something down in the garage, on your desk, in the carANDyou KNOW you put it there, but you turn around and it s NOWHERE to be seen, and you look everywhereit s in one of those other dimensions You know the drill.two days later it s back right where you put itback from the multi verse, none the worse for the wear So o o o o where did it go You can thank String Theory, and the multiple universe for that.Lots of food for thought herefrom the macro to the micro micro minialmost gives you brain cramps You ll find this book well worth the read.

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    Professor Mee s text on Gravity is an excellent expose on this universal phenomenon, written in simple language that the layman can access and gain a good understanding of this universal phenomenon that keeps the universes together This book may be of great help to the student who is about to embark on a course on astronomy.

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    Mee s approach, using examples and things we can relate to, were key to this armchair physicist finally grasping complex concepts His ability to tie all parts together at the end so that gravity could be better understood l appreciate this.

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    An excellent book with a good history lesson,

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    One of my many reference books Gets right to the point.

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    Loved the book