The Treating Arthritis books draw onthanyears of experience at the renowned Margaret Hills clinic, and have helped hundreds of thousands of people with arthritis The new edition of this book looks at research which suggests that the Margaret Hills programme is effective in treating arthritis, with some patients having impressive improvements after just a few weeks The link between exceptional stress and arthritis is also explored Other topics include pain relief and better mobility medication and side effects improved quality of life new section on troubleshooting, which considers situations such as joint pain from other health conditions, digestive health, arthritis in later life, arthritis in children and young people, and co existing conditions such as high blood pressure, depression and weight problemsMargaret Hills SRN trained as a nurse at St Stephen s hospital and had a long career as an industrial nurse She developed her acid free method of treating arthritis after developing osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis as a young woman Christine Horner, Margaret Hills daughter, is a nutritional medicine practitioner and Scenar therapist She now runs the Margaret Hills Clinic in Kenilworth