I just recently ordered this from online sight unseen Imagine my surprise when I also recently saw it featured at a mind, body, spirit show in London a couple of days ago.I recognized the cover from the picture online and was drawn to look at it hands on at the festival I was surprised at what a nice thick, comprehensive book this was when I picked it up and was glancing though it.While I was looking through it a very lovely lady was asking me if I used essences and we got to chatting about what I practice as far as healing energies and techniques I asked her what got her interested in esences and she told me her fascination of them as well I found out she was the author of the book I was holding Imagine my surprise when her PA came over to tell her about her next scheduled time slots for the show She was also kind enough to sign a piece of paper for me so that I can place it in my book If your looking for information on essences, if your a practioner of alternative therapies, or if this topic is purely of intrest in any way to you I would HIGHLY recommend this book Its easy to understand, read and find what your looking for Hope this helps you in your decision, Bless x excellent I have been using flower essences for quite some years now both personally and professionally I also occasionally make my own remedies for specific uses After Bach Flower remedies came the Bailey Flower Essences by Arthur Bailey of Ilkley in the late 1960s Have a look at their website Arthur was key to the now burgeoning market in essences from all over the world It was he who showed us that we can all make them and all contribute to the depth of knowledge of their uses In amongst the information in this excellent book I am struck by the fact that the Bailey essences are mentioned only in passing and not detailed, I do wonder why And so far in my reading I can t find any references to the work of Nelson s with the Bach Flower Remedies, again an oddity and surely neither of these are accidental ommisions I do wonder what else has been missed out, accepting that there has to be a limit to what is described.With those omissisions in mind, a book well worth having for reference and as a fisrt introduciton to some of the world essences that now exist. Not only incredibly informative, but also interesting and a pleasure to read I haven t come across a better book on Flower Essences yet Claire Harvey is clearly passionate about her subject and it rubs off on you as you read I can t imagine you need many other books on Flower Essences once you have this one Enjoy The book is a massive work that may be used as a compass in the ocean of essences.I warmly suggest this big book to beginners and to practitioners too, it s a valid, quick reference book.Exhaustive and reliable. Great book and a thorough resource for anyone interested in Flower Essences A huge amount of ranges covered, including Bush, Bach and Alaskan, as well as loads of less well known essences I comprehensive book and a joy to use. At the end of the book there are some formulas that ms Harvey has used as remedies for certain ailments But the major bulk is just pages copied from different manufacturers catalogues Further, she has not always observed that although essences from different manufacturers may have the same english name, they have different latin names, which indicate they are really not the same. Clare G Harvey has an amazing knowledge of flower essencesshe tailor makes treatments using essences from all around the world Vogue For tens of thousands of years, flowers played an important role in healing among native people such as the Australian Aborigines and American Indians Today, their ancient knowledge is being rediscovered as a unique and powerful way of healing on every level physical, mental, emotional, spiritual using flower essences that capture the therapeutic qualities of various blooms This wonderfully comprehensive encyclopedia puts a world of knowledge at your fingertips with flower essences gathered from all corners of the globe, from Hawaii and the Himalayas to America and the Australian Bush It gives the properties offamilies of flower essences and the benefits ofremedies An easy to use Ailment Chart pinpoints remedies for a wide range of physical and psychological conditions, from stress to hormonal imbalance and from allergy to depression and Clare G Harvey provides instructions for prescribing, making up, and using flower remedies at home, including recipes for blends such as Stress Buster and Infection Fighter