These are such great books It starts with some information and tips about the GCSE remember it s the Edexel exam so check your exam board Each double page is a concept which is well set out summary of key points on the left and a practise section on the right hand page to help you explain and put into context the info presented.The answers section not only gives you the answers, but also steers you on what to concentrate on For example, the highest marks can only be given if you go beyond the info requested in the exam.Just a small word of warning it s really important to remember that you need to also have done wider reading on the topic this guide provides a revision of what you ve already learnt It won t have enough detail teach you things you missed or didn t learn about or at least, not enough to get you a high mark CGP is usually my go to brand and this a great summary of the Superpower relations and cold war topic, but not a standalone book as for example, their 11 books are It s worth buying if you ve learnt these topics and need to brush up If you can t remember much of the topic, or you missed lessons and are trying to catch up, I d recommend additional reading there is plenty of material online for free. Exam Board EdexcelLevel Subject GCSE HistoryFirst Teaching September First Exams June For Edexcel GCSE History Exam Success Dont Miss CGPs Brilliant Topic Guide Covering Superpower Relations And The Cold War Its Packed With Crystal Clear Revision Notes, Heaps Of Activities And Exam Style Questions With Answers For Students To Test Their Understanding Of The Topic And The Skills Theyll Need For The Period Study Section Of The Exam Our Handy Worked Answers And Advice Mean Students Can Walk Into The Exam Feeling Confident They Know What Good Answers Look Like Plus There Are Exam Tips Throughout The Book The Cold War is not an easy area of political history to study but CGP Books have made an excellent revision guide for this subject Beginning with The Origins of the Cold War and moving through topics such as The Arms Race, The Berlin Wall and The Cuban Missile Crisis up until recent events such as Gorbachev s policies of Glasnost and Perestroika, this guide manages to simplify without dumbing down.Each section is concise and written in clear English, making the key points easier to understand Exercises then give students the opportunity to apply what they ve studied thus allowing these points to be retained The book is visually stimulating with appropriate use of colour and annotations without being confusing or obfuscating the details.There are exam style questions at the end of each section for students to test themselves and there is a detailed answer section with bullet point style answers As well as that there is also guidance on how to attain better marks by using critical thinking and analysis rather than just repeating facts An excellent revision guide strongly recommended. This topic guide takes you through the expectations and content expected in the EDEXCEL GCSE History Paper 2 with the Period Study Of Superpower Relations and the Cold War 1941 1991It s a thin book but there are plenty of thoughtful activities, worked and unworked exam style questions and answers at the back.As a former History teacher CGP is always the brand I would recommend to students for the careful attention to board specifications in the construction, direction and activities within the guides which are linked as closely to the paper as possible They are thorough, detailed and full colour print which helps in revision It is best to buy the guide that is as up to date and relevant to the board and papers being taken as while the historical information may be the same the advice on what the board wants and what the paper will ask for differs between editions and across boardsThese are brand new guides for the 2016 EDEXCEL GCSE onwards with the benefit of having seen the marking of the summer 2018 paper. My son is taking Edexcel History GCSE next year and Superpower Relations and the Cold War is one of his topics Edexcel seem to have far less revision books available than AQA, for example, so I was delighted to find that CGP have now produced these workbooks would be nice, but are, presumably, coming There are some nice books published by Pearson themselves, but the choice the better and this is a shorter revision guide, which will be ideal for cramming near the exams.Like all CGP books, this topic guide is colourful and well laid out It is split into three different sections The Origins of the Cold War, Cold War Crises and The End of the Cold War Although this does include exam questions, you will, obviously, need a workbook as well as a revision guide, in order to really have enough practice This does come with a free online edition, which is useful Just make sure, before you order, that your child is studying Edexcel and that you know which topics they are doing. These CGP books are great for not just revising and understanding the subject they cover, but also for learning what the examiners are looking for.The books are well laid out and help guide you through each section of the subject matter in an easy way with boxes for ideas on how to write your answers as well as actual questions you can have a go at, with answers in the back which give you examples of how to answer exam questions There is an even useful section at the front with details on what exams you ll have and tips to get maximum marks.I d recommend these to anyone and it s the same for every subject, not just history Do check you have the right exam group, though, as some books are specifically for one or the other This one, for example is for Edexcel.