When her father becomes gravely ill on holiday in Budapest, Alexandra Fuller rushes to join her mother at his bedside, where they see out his last days together and then carry his ashes back to their farm in ZambiaA master of time and memory, Fuller moves seamlessly between the days and months following her father s death She contends with his overwhelming absence, and her memories of a childhood spent running after him in southern and central Africa She then faces seemingly irreparable family fallout, new love found and lost, and, eventually, further unimaginable bereavement Bursting with pandemonium and tragedy, here is a story of joy, resilience and vitality, from a writer at the very height of her powers

12 thoughts on “Travel Light, Move Fast

  1. liz batchelor liz batchelor says:

    Alexandra Fuller at her very bestwriting about Africa and her family I simply did not want it to end Buy this book It s tremendous.

  2. Maverick Mike Maverick Mike says:

    Very moving Beautifully written Her writing and story telling is compelling Highly recommended, particularly for anyone who loves Africa Up there with her other books Looking forward to reading her next work.

  3. J F Digneau J F Digneau says:

    Thank you Alexandra Fuller for this book and for your honesty and courage I laughed and I cried I felt your words so strongly as I am grieving the recent loss of my own wonderful crazy parents My Mum and I shared a great admiration for your work Please Keep on keeping on it really is all we can do.

  4. Dawn Dawn says:

    I ve read all of her books and am a huge fan of her memoirs Don t Let s Go To The Dogs Tonight is one of my all time favorite books I received this new one this morning and had it finished by dinner As with her other books, she writes with such unflinching honesty and rawness, and isn t afraid to expose her own weaknesses and mistakes while dealing with the death of her beloved father and the enormous void left, as well as her own grief Of course there s a lot of her family s trademark humor and craziness, which proves useful in times of tragedy and suffering, and somehow yet again makes you laugh and cry at the same time I loved her portrait of her father, and felt this book was a beautiful tribute to a man who lived and loved large, and played by his own rules I could honestly read never ending stories about her family because they are endlessly fascinating and entertaining I highly recommend this beautiful book.

  5. Diane Diane says:

    Rattled my teeth Scraped my bones Cleaned the webs out of my sloppy attention to living Terrifies me this jagged chasm of loss so deep there is no sky, moon or stars Deeply grateful for this book.

  6. Dalyn J. Weller Dalyn J. Weller says:

    Alexandra Fuller books are my favorites Her memoirs I have found myself re reading them a ridiculous amount of times She s honest, genuine, articulate and the most skillful communicator I ve ever read.I am fascinated with her family and see something of myself in her mother That s not flattering I suppose but it makes me laugh when I read about her.I understand the loss, the fear, the humorwe have nothing and yet everything in common I suppose that s why I love to get lost in her writing.

  7. Uhf Uhf says:

    Travel Light, Move Fast was as entertaining, as educational, and as heartbreaking as I expected it to be I waited impatiently for it to come out and it is so laugh out loud funny that I recommended it to my friends before coming to the really sad parts that are equally well written, maybe even better, but are absolutely heart wrenching Even so, this one s definitely a keeper that I can highly recommend when and if you re up to it.

  8. pdxSell3wood pdxSell3wood says:

    I ve read all Alexandra Fuller s books and was so excited to buy this new release I m so thankful for her writing, and for sharing in her journey of grief You ll smile, ponder life, laugh and then cry buckets at the end of the book I hope writing this story has brought comfort and healing to the author, her beautiful words resonate with all of us who have loved and lost.

  9. avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer says:

    Going thru some grief myself and thought I need some Alex Fullerabout time she wrote a book..and gawd I check and had no idea she d experienced such incalculable loss.

  10. mary mary says:

    Loved it couldnt put it down What a talented writer

  11. jbh5 jbh5 says:

    I love Alexandra Fullers books. and this one is my very favorite She is a most amazing woman and writer Highly recommend.

  12. Kirala Kirala says:

    I just finished Travel Light, Move Fast Until the final chapter it is a beautiful tribute to her parents at the time of her father s death Funny and outrageous Lives full of extremes of intensity grief, violence, loss, madness, cruelty lived with vigor and resilience.And then in the last bit, she blindsides the reader as she herself was blindsided You feel it coming but don t know what it is When it happens it is as sudden as it often is in life, and she takes the reader on a journey of grief that had me weeping.In the final pages there seems to be a change in the essential makeup of the author You get glimpses of this earlier in her tone and references But at the end of the book she seems to rise above the battlefield of her own life, to rise above her opinions about what s happening here on earth, and give herself permission to experience a larger perspective.