This book explains and demonstrates the methods involved in scientific glassblowing It describes elementary to advanced glass manipulation together with technical information on its safe use and development in the laboratory Edited by Paul Le Pinnet MBE , a scientific glassblower with overyears experience in the field, experts in glassblowing are brought together to explain their methods and approaches used to produce a variety of glassware Laboratory Scientific Glassblowing is a unique project which updates and develops the traditional art of glassblowing and brings it into the st century New skills and materials are introduced, including descriptions of working with fused silica, on laser profile cutting and on the creation of artistic glassware in a scientific setting Written specifically as a hands on reference work, this book can be used as a step by step practical guide for practitioners and scientists as well as students and apprentices interested in the field Readership Glassblowers, practitioners and students of scientific glassbowing, and apprentices going into the field

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