The bestselling 30 Second series takes a revolutionary approach to learning about those subjects you feel you should really understand Each title selects a popular topic and dissects it into the 50 most significant ideas at its heart Each idea, no matter how complex, is explained in 300 words and one picture, all digestible in 30 seconds 30 Second Quantum Theory tackles a mindbendingly mysterious area of physics, introducing the 50 most significant quantum quandaries and ideas In a world where the quantum physics of electronics is an everyday essential and new quantum developments make headline news, you will visit Parallel Worlds, ride Wave Theory, and learn just enough to talk with certainty about Uncertainty Theory and to untangle the mysteries of quantum entanglement.

7 thoughts on “30-Second Quantum Theory: The 50 most thought-provoking quantum concepts, each explained in half a minute

  1. Rose Rose says:

    This books gives a clear and simple summary of some otherwise very complicated ideas in quantum theory I also like the presentation just one idea per page, often with a helpful illustration I d recommend this book to anyone who wants a clear guide to the basic ideas in quantum theory I have a number of very good detailed books on quantum theory, but I find this book very helpful as it presents the bullet points so clearly.

  2. Mr Michael Whelan Mr Michael Whelan says:

    Excellent book, explores all that is needed to understand the elements of quantum mechanics and much in a brilliant way and with lavish illustrations A must, must for anyone wanting to understand the quantum world without the mathematics I cannot commend this book highly enough.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    My 15 year old son loves these books Can read a few theories which are concisely written.

  4. Mr Allan Williams and Mrs Maureen Williams Mr Allan Williams and Mrs Maureen Williams says:

    Not really what I thought it would be Really just a brief history of the theories.

  5. Tanya f. Tanya f. says:

    very useful breakdown of the subject matter

  6. Susan M Brown Susan M Brown says:

    My husband bought a copy of this for our granddaughter and liked it so much he bought a second copy for himself It is one of a series with bite size pieces of information.

  7. Graham Hale Graham Hale says:

    A good overview A page per topic with three levels on each page 3 second, 30 second and a thought to induce a 3 minute ponder Also covers the history of the development of the subject One quibble, superfluidity is not in the index although it has a chapter.