She s a genius, I believe, because she lights up every subject she touches Hilary Mantel A Spectator Book of the YearGoethe claimed to know what light was Galileo and Einstein both confessed they didn t On the essential nature of light, and how it operates, the scientific jury is still out There is still time, therefore, to listen to painters and poets on the subject They, after all, spend their lives pursuing light and trying to tie it down Six Facets of Light is a series of meditations on this most elusive and alluring feature of human life Set mostly on the Downs and coastline of East Sussex, the most luminous part of England, it interweaves a walker s experiences of light in Nature with the observations, jottings and thoughts of a dozen writers and painters and some scientists who have wrestled to define and understand light From Hopkins to Turner, Coleridge to Whitman, Fra Angelico to Newton, Ravilious to Dante, the mystery of light is teased out and pondered on Some of the results are surprising By using mostly notebooks and sketchbooks, this book becomes a portrait of the transitoriness, randomness, swiftness, frustrations and quicksilver beauty that are the essence of light It is a work to be enjoyed, pondered over, engaged with, provoked by to be packed in the rucksack of every walker heading for the sea or the hills, or to be opened to bring that outside radiance within four dark town walls. Thoroughly e enjoyed reading this Book. This is an unusual book It is quite dense with description and needs careful reading.I cannot skim read this one like I do a lot of others Anne Wroe is very well read and has researched many literary sources to compile it.She writes about the pearl buttons lying around at the site of a disused button factory where she walked aschild and they obviously made a strong impression her glinting in the mud Treasure to a child. This is a sensitive beautifully written book about the beauty of light itself and the beauty that it can reveal The many references to works of art and quotes from poets who appeciated light in nature are life enhancing The author s own musings and descriptions of walks are also culturally warming I gave a copy to a friend who is confined to bed and suffering much pain and she has found it enriching to dip into this very special book Ann Wroe is a woman of great depth and it is a great pleasure to accompany her along the way in the pages of this handsomely designed book Presenting these gifted insights to the ordinary reader is indeed a very special gift and I am so glad I heard her speaking on the radio and bought the book.