In this generous book, Meir Schneider shares the secretswon through his own movingly documented triumph over near blindnessof strengthening, rejuvenating, and healing the eyes by activating the bodys own intelligence A man of vision in every sense, he offers a program of exercises that is both inspiring and eminently practicableTimothyCrouse, author of The Boys on the Bus I have been impressed with the work of Meir Schneider for many years, having personally seen improvements in patients vision of those who have worked with him The ability of the visual system to adapt and regain function is still full of mysteries Through Meirs work, we are finding some of those mysteries to be realitiesAugust L Reader III, MD, FACS, clinical professor of ophthalmology, California Pacific Medical CenterThis book isnt just another useful handbook for those who want to prevent vision problems or already have a condition it is also an injection of hopeSnia Cristina Tins Carrocine, instructor of Meir Schneiders Self Healing MethodAs an ophthalmologist, I always search for the best way to treat my patients Based on the Bates Method, self healing has complemented my practice in those cases where our traditional medicine has its limitations The best treatment is the one that is directed to the patients needs, and the best medicine is the one that uses all knowledge and not only a part of it Traditional science and complementary medicine are tools that should be used together, focusing on aholistic health conceptLeonardo Verri Paulino, MD, ophthalmologist and anterior segment surgeon at ABC Medical School, BrazilMeirs method is effective as a complementary physical therapy for the eyesEmlia Ritsuko Yasuoka Assad, ophthalmologist and acupuncturist Working with my patients has veried that many sight problems get better and heal by taking up the right habits Meir presents us with a complete guide to do so He helps us to regain our trust in the power we have over our vision and our lives As he says in the book, We all can take the time We just have to decide that we are worth the time and that the process is worth our while Amelia Salvador, ophthalmologist, Spain It is wonderful how each new book by Meir Schneider provokes us to incorporateandof the self healing principles into our livesLaercio Motoryn, MD, ophthalmologist and homeopath I had the pleasure to meet Meir Schneider and use his method when I was finishing my apprenticeship to become a Bachelor of Optometry inHis holistic approach toward visual dysfunctions changed me forever as a professional His concepts remain present in my appointments, therapies, and lens prescriptions Meirs work invites us to naturally preserve our organism and to practice healthier visual habits in this very technological worldFernando Nassif, optometrist with specialization in orthoptics and visual therapy The knowledge and application of the Self Healing Method was very important to improve my practice as an ophthalmologist The results attained by my patients and with my own vision are proof of the importance of the union of traditional medicine with complementary therapies I thank Meir for being such a marvelous instrument for my personal and professional improvementAna Cecilia Gois Franco, ophthalmologist and anterior segment surgeon and naturopath, So Paulo, BrazilAll parts of the body need exercise for optimal health, and the eyes are no different Vision for Life presents an approach to eye health for people with vision who wish to maintain their perfect vision as well as people who see poorly and would like to improve their eyesight Clients of the Meir Schneider Self Healing Method experience their own capacity to bring about recovery, reversing the progress of a wide range of degenerative conditions including eye disease Based in part on the established Bates Method of eyesight improvement and in part on his own professional and personal discoveries, Meir Schneider s pioneering approach has helped thousands of people successfully treat a host of eye problems, including near and farsightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye, double vision, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, retinitis pigmentosa, and nystagmusThis revised edition includes a new chapter on children s eye health and new research and exercises for specific conditions, ie glaucoma and nystagmus, near and farsightedness Born blind to deaf parents, Schneider underwent a series of painful operations as a young child and was left withpercent scar tissue on the lenses of his eyes, resulting in his being declared incurably blind At the age of seventeen, he discovered how to improve his vision from less thanpercent topercent of normal vision with the eye exercises presented in this book Today Schneider drives a car, reads, and enjoys the benefits of full natural vision He and his clients prove time and time again how much vision can improve with exercise His contributions to the field of self healing are recognized by alternative health practitioners and medical doctors alike In Vision for Life, Schneider shares forty years of discoveries made on his personal and professional journey The book details simple but effective techniques to gain great vision such as sunning and palming Such exercises are not only strengthening but also restorative and deeply relaxing The reader learns how to reverse developing issues before they cause damage or to remedy existing problems, including pathologies such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and optic nerve neuropathy

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