This extraordinary compendium of early twentieth century mechanical devices covers a seemingly inexhaustible variety of technological applications Compiled as a ready reference for inventors, engineers, students of mechanics, and artisans, this volume sengravings from simple diagrams to detailed cross sections provide a wealth of illustrated information, offering quick, clear, and satisfying explanations of the applications and inner workings of a vast assortment of mechanical devices which appeared during the heyday of mechanical invention These range from simple hooks and levers to complex machinery used in steam, hydraulic, air, and electric power, as well as navigation, gearing, clocks, and much

15 thoughts on “1800 Mechanical Movements, Devices and Appliances (16th enlarged edition)

  1. Lee Lee says:

    This is total junk Just avoid it.It s a simple unabridged reprint from 1921, for one thing For another, the diagrams are TINY, and unsystematic Some are vague sketches, suited for a really, really bad art class than for engineering Others look like CAD diagrams, but are seriously, actually no bigger than half of my thumb.The only way you ll get any use out of this is to have already seen a n ancient mechanism, know how it works, but not know the name In that case, you could flick through this and either find it or find something like it, then search the web for the details.A pity, as the book is what I wanted in terms of broad coverage of mechanisms It just glosses over ALL the details At least I know that the book I ACTUALLY want will have many pages than this one does.


    Utter RubbishI bought this expecting it to be a book that actual shows 1800 mechanical movements presented in the form illustrated on the cover The cover is basically as good as it gets and in many many cases you simply get a picture of something like a tugboat or an engine or something which has many many mechanical movements within it offered as an example of one movementWTH that s like showing me a picture of a car engine and saying there we are, internal combustion explained.If it wasn t such a hassle I would have returned this book and opted for one of the others in the same category.Honestly, do not buy, you d get detailed information out of childs How it works book.

  3. NoName NoName says:

    Comprehensive, interesting book marred by tiny diagrams.


    Thank you

  5. Yashiromishoone Yashiromishoone says:

    interesting book, it certainly seems to contain 1800 mechanisms but I didn t bother to count I was very excited about the book but I have to say I was disappointed with the result The descriptions of the mechanisms are at times completely incomprehensible and that isn t helped by the fact that many of the pictures are of such low quality that makes them of no use whatsoever There are however plenty of good images is it value for money for less that a tenner, sure but don t expect too much.

  6. zippy zippy says:

    An excellent book, not only illustrating a wide variety of mechanisms, but also covers the basic calculations of mechanics.The book would have been much better if it had been twice the size.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    A good first source but lacks any detail.

  8. David O'Brien David O'Brien says:

    This is the best illustrated book I have been able to find,I use it for modelling ideas, I think it would also be great for steam punk machines as well

  9. RwS RwS says:

    While I am pleased that the designs are being published, they didn t show as well as hoped in the small screen Kindle format The pagination sent the description in most cases onto the next page, where it wasn t clear which design was being described For the price, it wasn t a great purchase, especially since it also can t be reproduced so that the design could be applied to a specific use Even some rather dated designs that were captured in this book could still have modern applications, but no way to duplicate.

  10. pepeben pepeben says:

    Many interesting descriptions for passionates of mechanics only Many obsolete applications as steam engines, boilers, etc The figures are not always clear for a non initiate The wording is very short In few cases, the figure is printed over the first letters of the lines in the paragraph and so, are missing But in general, this book interested me highly, because it represents a reference to many very complex mechanical settings and machines It is a good reference to have in my bookcase.

  11. Sonia M. Sonia M. says:

    Me esperaba m s,solo es un dibujo,el nombre y poco m s de cada mecanismo La descripci n de la contraportada hace pensar otra cosa

  12. Customer in BC Customer in BC says:

    Great starting point to find ways to accomplish mechanical actions Sometimes the simplest technique is the hardest to visualize.

  13. Fizz Bizzle Fizz Bizzle says:

    Great addition to any electronics or hobbiest library

  14. Francis Perea Francis Perea says:

    Me encanta este libro Me da mucho que pensar y a base de leerlo al final aprendes a entender mucho mejor muchas m quinas y mecanismos El formato un tanto retro lo hace m s apetecible a n.

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Book exactly as described.