The most detailed, portable, and easy to use drug guide to help you pass the NCLEX RN Prospective nurses looking for the best guide on the market to help prepare them for the NCLEX RN are turning to Kaplan Nursing students are constantly on the go, and they need study materials that fit in with their busy lifestyle Kaplan s NCLEX RN Drug GuideMedications You Need to Know for the Exam is the best pocket sized and portable drug guide available for nursing students to assist in their preparation In Kaplan sNCLEX RN Drug Guide, you will find the focused, key information you need to learn about commonly seen medications on the test, including Trade names, common names, phonetic pronunciations, and drug families forfrequently tested medications Detailed descriptions of nursing considerations and must know side effects for each medication The latest Joint Commission approved medical abbreviations for recording medication orders Kaplan teaches to the NCLEX RN We provide the tools students need to develop critical thinking skills to successfully answer exam level questions We review the nursing content that is frequently tested, butimportantly, we show students how to use this knowledge to make nursing judgments This gives you the confidence and knowledge they need to walk into the exam prepared and ready to pass With Kaplan s NCLEX RN Drug GuideMedications You Need to Know for the Exam, you know you are getting the most up to date, expert information available to prepare for the NCLEX RNKaplan Nursing is the worlds largest provider of NCLEX RN exam review in live, live online, and self paced classrooms Its partnership with Lippincott Williams Wilkins also provides nursing schools with Integrated Testing, an easy to use benchmark testing solution that helps identify and remediate gaps in nursing knowledge Forinformation, visit us at kaplannursing