When faced with common health emergencies, many of us automatically turn to over the counter medications But we have another option easy to use, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective natural medicines Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies provides everything you need to know to treat a range of ailments and health concerns, including burns, muscle cramps, hot flashes, shock, sore throat, toothachecommon health problems in all Next time you get a headache, try rubbing peppermint essential oil on your temples before you reach for the aspirinNatural Medicine First Aid Remedies tells how to equip your medicine cabinet with the ten most essential natural remedies including arnica for pain and stiffness , echinacea for colds , tea tree oil for skin infections , aloe vera gel for burns , activated charcoal for food poisoning , andIt explains how homeopathy, herbs, diet, essential oils, flower essences, nutritional supplements, reflexology, and gem therapy can provide healing benefits for various conditionsWritten by health journalist Stephanie Marohn, Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies is based on medical research and draws upon protocols used by dozens of health care practitioners Informative and unique, it is a reference that you will want to consult whenever faced with one of life s everyday medical emergencies, injuries, or discomforts

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