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11 thoughts on “Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

  1. gwendoline cronin gwendoline cronin says:

    Great book Lots of info and good advice.Could spend hours reading and looking through this book Should be called the bible of natural healing.

  2. Toni Toni says:

    I was unable to find this book anywhere I will continue to look for it at auctions and other places where someone may have taken them I would really like to get this book I is a wealth of good information.

  3. MH MH says:

    Very informative.The book is in excellent condition.Would buy from supplier again.

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    a must have book

  5. Patsy Scott Patsy Scott says:

    Everything I was expecting to support my holistic nutritionist practice Well organized and packed with great info and full colour supporting pictures.

  6. pfran1 pfran1 says:

    This book needs to be updated It seems very basic and not at all what I expected I should have waited for a updated versioninstead The book although it said good condition, showed its age and use.

  7. Ms. Lorie CNHP, HHC Ms. Lorie CNHP, HHC says:

    I am a certified natural health student interning at a naturopath who has this book for reference Once I opened it and saw the wealth of natural, easy to use information I knew I had to order a copy Love it Already used it three times in a week

  8. Waleed K. S. Essa Waleed K. S. Essa says:

    This book is one of the best books I ve ever bought on Natural healing I learned very much from it when I first started reading on the subject It is wonderful for understanding an illness, it s symptoms, what might possibly cause it, and suggesting treatment through nutrition, or supplements, or external therapies.Yesterday, many years after first purchasing the book, I returned to it again for information, and remembered how good a book it was So I came online searching for a possible new release of the book.I do not like the new cover, and prefer the old cover which was modest, and presentable.

  9. lucas lucas says:

    Excited to get this book as I had briefly looked at a colleagues copy and thought it would be good to get as a source of reference for my independent practice Very comprehensive with looking at all possible natural and alternative remedies for a wealth of different conditions However it also points the reader in search of medical help where necessary This edition is 2002 and the latest and an update would be welcomed as it looks a little dated now I bought this book second hand through and it was delivered well ahead of the estimated time, and is in good condition.

  10. G. B. G. B. says:

    This is one of the most helpful reference book I own.It is an encyclopedia that is easy to navigate through and I am using it as a back up reference which has been proven to back up my original info I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in Natural health care.

  11. Vince Clements Vince Clements says:

    Great Resource