Optical components are essential key elements in modern engineering and everyday life The education of skilled personnel and specialists in the fields of theoretical and practical optics manufacturing is of essential importance for next generation technologies Against this background, this book provides the basis for the education and advanced training of precision and ophthalmic optics technicians, craftsmen, and foremen, and it is an extensive reference work for students, academics, optical designers or shop managers, and production engineers It not only covers particularly used and applied machines, working materials, testing procedures, and machining steps for classical optics manufacturing, but it also addresses the production and specification of optical glasses as well as unconventional production techniques and novel approaches Optics Manufacturing Components and Systems further covers the basics of light propagation and provides an overview on optical materials and components presents an introduction and explanation of the necessary considerations and procedures for the initial definition of manufacturing tolerances and the relevant industrial standards for optics manufacturing and addresses the production of micro optics, the assembly of opto mechanical setups and possible manufacturing errors, and the impact of the resulting inaccuracies In order to allow fast and clear access to the most essential information, each chapter ends with a short summary of the most important aspects, including an explanation of relevant equations, symbols, and abbreviations For further reading, extensive lists of references are also provided Finally, exercises on the covered basic principles of optics, approaches, and techniques of optics manufacturing including their corresponding detailed solutions are found in the appendix

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    Very informative material for those who doesn t have education or experience in optics manufacturing Especially for project manager or product manager of optics.