Injuries are inevitable in sport When they happen athletes and coaches need to have access to quick support With Sport Injuries Guidebook, nd Edition you are given the information needed to identify injuries and respond quickly Dr Robert Gotlin, medical consultant to the New York Knicks, New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets has assembled a team of top specialists in medicine to create this authoritative guide It covers thancommon sport injuries including concussions, rotator cuff tears, bone breaks, ligament sprains, muscle strains and many Chapters feature injuries for all regions of the body and include anatomical drawings of the injured area As well as, descriptions of common causes, identification cues, explanation of symptoms, immediate treatment options and guidelines for returning to action This new second edition also features new chapters explaining how and why injuries happen And the different types of injection therapies and when they might be most beneficial There is also information on preventing injuries occurring in the first place with proper conditioning, body maintenance and nutrition With high quality illustrations and a user friendly format, Sport Injuries Guidebook, nd Edition arms you with the first aid information needed to quickly and safely handle the most common injuries in sport