An Entertaining and Enlightening Guide to the Who, What, and Why of String Theory, now also available in an updated reflowable electronic format compatible with mobile devices and e readers During the lastyears, numerous physicists have tried to unravel the secrets of string theory Yet why do these scientists work on a theory lacking experimental confirmation Why String Theory provides the answer, offering a highly readable and accessible panorama of the who, what, and why of this large aspect of modern theoretical physics The author, a theoretical physics professor at the University of Oxford and a leading string theorist, explains what string theory is and where it originated He describes how string theory fits into physics and why so many physicists and mathematicians find it appealing when working on topics from M theory to monsters and from cosmology to superconductorsJoseph Conlon is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oxford and a fellow and tutor in physics at New College He has been a recipient of the student nominated Outstanding Tutor award across physical and life sciences for his undergraduate teaching He is a world leading researcher on string theory and the author of overscientific papers He has also given overseminar and conference talks worldwide His research mainly focuses on phenomenological applications of string theory to particle physics and cosmology Visit WhyStringTheory fordetails about his work