As with the book Finding God in Physics , white trash egomaniac Roy Masters engages in shameless throwing around of technical terminology to create the puerile illusion that he s onto something It s actually tantamount to the comedic performances of Prof Irwin Corey, The World s Foremost Authority, minus the comedy value He presents the idea of gravity as a push force, which is pretty much an exact copy of Le Sage s theory of gravity going back in various forms to 1690 Other commentary on radiation or the Casimir effect, where correctly stated, isn t put forward to make any sort of relevant points This latest printing is 2011 He certainly hasn t learned rudimentary physics since his earlier ventures into physics For clarification it needs to be stated 1 A rotating space station does not create gravity.2 Gravity does not produce work unless it causes displacement of an object.3 Photons do not slow down passing through a transparent medium The expression, The speed of light is slower in, say, glass refers solely to the fact that the photons are repeatedly interrupted in their motion as they try to make their way through a transparent solid They are repeatedly absorbed and re emitted by the electronic bonds in their path, so their net speed is slower.4 A moving magnet does not create electrons but only pushes the ones already in a metal coil around.5 Particles do not gain mass near the speed of light because they are pressing against anything They gain relative mass because they are being forced to disintegrate in a manner they cannot efficiently transition through The corresponding resistance appears as relative inertia.6 Geckos do not cling to surfaces because of the Casimir effect They cling because of the van der Waals bonding of the tiny hair like structures on their feet Rubbing these structures against a contact surface can help instigate inductive charge coupling.7 Interlacing two phone books and trying to pull them apart does take a lot of force This too is not due to the Casimir effect but the simple mechanical friction between the pages.8 A gyroscope only resists tilting if one end of its rotational axes is pinned.9 The Big Bang is not a complicated base idea.10 There is plenty of surface tension in space Surface tension is caused by chemical bonding within the liquid and electron repulsion at a liquid drop s surface.11 There have actually been other scientists since Galileo, Tesla and Einstein who have performed large scale experiments in areas like gravity, electricity and magnetism.11 Roy Masters is not amenable to being confronted with the errors in his reasoning, regardless of his insistence that he s a bastion of integrity. All those who meditate on the meaning of life cannot help but be touched in the deepest possible way by this book Here science and religion combine as we gain faith in the Creator by witnessing His spectacular creation as it unfolds out of nothing This book is an adventure in understanding Einstein s missing Relative the truth about the unified field that eluded Einstein but in which he still passionately believed Roy Masters seeks here to give answers, both simple and beautiful, to those many questions that occupy the searching imaginations of cosmologists and physicists all over the world Can a simple theory provide the keys to a new understanding of physics