If you thought you knew who you were, THINK AGAIN.Did you know that half your DNA isn t human That somebody, somewhere has exactly the same face Or that most of your memories are fiction What about the fact that you are as hairy as a chimpanzee, various parts of your body don t belong to you, or that you can read other people s minds Do you really know why you blush, yawn and cry Why 90 per cent of laughter has nothing to do with humour Or what will happen to your mind after you die You belong to a unique, fascinating and often misunderstood species How to be Human is your guide to making the most of it.

8 thoughts on “How to Be Human: The Ultimate Guide to Your Amazing Existence

  1. uknaturegifts uknaturegifts says:

    Bought for a young family friend Good review by owner parent Have recommended to other parents

  2. Nejc Nejc says:

    This book is and was awesome to read through, there are a lot of science backed themes inside the book and can get you to know something new and view some points of human a bit different.

  3. Allister C. Allister C. says:

    Stimulating book Well worth conjecture but not a scientific masterpiece Journalism rather than a text book.

  4. Dr J Dr J says:

    Fascinating book, accessible to all, I bought it for a birthday present but am going to have to order my own copy Nice hardback cover, great illustrations, definitely brings up lots of talking points with friends, you will amaze them with your interesting facts

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    This book bought as a gift for someone who expressed a desire to read it

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    Great book, great service and great price..

  7. M W Gillard M W Gillard says:

    Fantastic book

  8. golden.hen golden.hen says:

    Contains lots of really interesting facts about us humans and why we do, think, feel the way we do A good coffee table book.