Effective book giving advice on how to move on from thoughts and behaviours that trigger anxiety, depression, anger and low self esteem Uses Acceptance and Commitment Theory, based on mindfulness I am pleased with my purchase and would buy again. Vey happy. Act is a really good technique and the book was very good at explaining it I would recommend it. Really pleased this book was written It s a straightforward approach to getting through life for human beings Use it if you re stuck with anxiety, depression or anger Or use it if you aren t If you just want to learn about a scientific set of skills that will help you get the best out of life, then this could very well be the thing you are looking for. i style mso bidi font style normalACT for Life focuses on helping people to be open, connected and engaged with their lives, demonstrating how Acceptance Commitment Therapy can be used to tackle a range of problems such as low self esteem, depression, anger and depression, as well as providing skills for life enhancement and self development Readers are encouraged to consider what matters to them and will learn techniques to set life directions based on meaningful values Readers will also be introduced to mindfulness and learn how to use it in everyday life to connect with their actions, experiences and the people around them The ACT approach also teaches that it s a normal part of being human to have thoughts and feelings that are unpleasant and the most important thing is to respond effectively when these kinds of experiences arise The book is aimed at anyone wanting to enhance their life skills, and character stories are used to demonstrate the spectrum of how they might be employed I have used this book as a client resource between ACT sessions and all concerned have fed back that it is an excellent book. This is an amazing book that has had such a good impact on my life I suffer from OCD and CBT and ERP helped a little but didn t really work for me ACT as outlined in this book has really had a positive effect on my recovery Accepting the full emotional spectrum and letting go of control as well as practising mindfulness really makes me feel that there is hope. This is an excellent resource I bought the book a couple of weeks ago and have already been using it with clients to great effect It s very clear, concise and accessible The chapters focusing specifically on depression, anxiety and anger have been particularly helpful It s a great book for practitioners and clients alike I would highly recommend it