A Completely Natural, Safe, Tried and Tested Diet and Exercise Program to Treat and Prevent ScoliosisThird Edition is Fully Revised and UpdatedThe second edition is revamped with the latest research and containing overimages of exercises demonstrated by professional trainers It provides the basis for Dr Lau s program Parthighlights current medical knowledge on Scoliosis, Partoutlines an in depth nutritional program, and Partteaches corrective exercisesIn this book you will Uncover the most recent research on the true causes of scoliosis Discover how bracing and surgery treat merely the symptom not the root cause of scoliosis Find out what latest treatment work, what doesn t and why The most common symptoms scoliosis sufferers have How a quick scoliosis assessment of a teenager can help with their quality of life in later years Discover how lack of proper nutrition creates illness in our bodies and affects the normal growth of the spine In depth understanding of how muscles and ligaments work on the common types of scoliosis Customize an exercise routine unique to your scoliosis to suit even the busiest schedule What are the most effective exercises for scoliosis and what should be avoided at all cost Tips and tricks to modify your posture and body mechanics to decrease scolisosis back pain The best sitting, standing and sleeping postures for scoliosis Learn from others with scoliosis in inspirational stories and case studies With painstaking research and years of practice, Dr Lau separates fact from fiction In this book, he busts popular myths, one by one, and explores what approach works, what alternatives a scoliosis patient has and how it is possible to create a comprehensive plan to achieve peak physical and spinal health Inspired by the extraordinary resilience of the Aboriginal groups of Australia and native African tribes that rarely suffer from scoliosis, Dr Lau prescribes an easy to follow, clinically proven program that harks back to what our bodies were originally designed for and need to survive on This book will set you on the path to total recovery by simply following the three step process Modern medicine, alone, has failed to effectively manage the condition of Scoliosis, said Dr Lau The treatment program I designed combines ancient wisdom with modern research and technology, culminating in the best overall results Today, as a practicing chiropractor and nutritionist, I amcertain than ever that scoliosis, and other disorders, can be prevented and treated effectively Who is the Health in Your Hands Program for The book is easy to read for anyone even without medical knowledge to understand but is in depth enough and fully referenced for fitness rehabilitation professionals Medical professional that have purchased the book include Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Yoga instructors, Osteopaths, Medical Doctors and Occupational Therapist TestimonialsI strongly recommend Dr Lau s natural program as an effective and better alternative to conventional bracing and surgery I am very impressed with the results I think that every spinal specialist will find the information contained in this book useful Dr Alan Kwan, DO Medical Director The results were beyond my expectation with my scoliosis corrected Even better, I avoided surgery Lucy KohThe companion Scoliosis Exercises for Prevention and Treatment DVD is used to guide patients in properly performing the exercises detailed in the book With ScolioTrack, patients use their iPhones as a tool to measure the curves in their spines and monitor their own progress Forinformation visit hiyhfo

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