Look after your little people expert first aid for your homeFrom first aid essentials to life saving procedures, it s worth having someone who knows what they are doing to cope with life s little and big emergencies The new edition of First Aid for Babies and Children Fast, published in association with the British Red Cross, gives you the knowledge you need instantly if a baby or child falls ill or gets hurtUser friendly step by steps tell you how to treat babies and children for thanmedical conditions and injuries from minor cuts and burns to meningitis and asthma attacks First aid procedures are illustrated photographically to give clear, detailed guidance, all colour coded for quick reference for when you are in a hurryKeep First Aid for Babies and Children Fast handy for home, and for leisure

15 thoughts on “First Aid for Babies and Children Fast

  1. A.F. A.F. says:

    This book is so well organized that, when my son woke up at 4am barking and struggling to breathe which he had never done before I just had to look at the index the back of the book, find the page for croup and read the very short and helpful indication By the time the ambulance came I had already found some information to help him feel better.It was so helpful, I highly recommend it you don t have to read a page worth of stuff to find out what you need to do s it could actually be used in an emergency and not only as an educational read.

  2. Iain Walker Iain Walker says:

    First seen this book in mothercare, cheaper on after the birth of our first child we thought it important to touch up on the essential first aid procedures, this book explains it well , simple to read with added pictures , it has info for first aid on new borns to children, with the same principles for adults, keep picking it up for a quick refresh now and againWould definitely recommend

  3. Garfield the cat Garfield the cat says:

    Publication is worth every penny.Especially for first time parents and guardians of little ones grandparent s, teenage siblings, etc It was recommended to us by NHS nurse.Clear and professional content with tons of pictures and procedures explained step by step.It is really hard to oversell it.

  4. M M says:

    Bought for a new mum, baby is mobile and the worry starts This has helped support confidence and provided factual information A must have for every new parent.

  5. Danielle Danielle says:

    This was recommended to us by the resuscitation department following our son s discharge from the NICU The book is very clear and easily accessible with one item per double page There is a step by step guide with pictures and instructions for each piece of first aid.

  6. Raymond Payne Raymond Payne says:

    Always a must have to do the right things till better help sourced

  7. lincolnshirecleaning.co's customer lincolnshirecleaning.co's customer says:

    I m sure this book is a must have for the parents, I have 2 similar books, keep one in the car and another at home just to be on the safe side it s a great alternative to the expensive FA courses I read it through and refresh reading from time to time to be sure that I m ready for any first aid case hope I will never need all my knowledges and skills

  8. amyzr amyzr says:

    I find it quite good Pedagogical.

  9. João Borges João Borges says:

    Me qued satisfecho con la compra de este producto.

  10. Amy Amy says:

    After my 13 month son choked he s ok on some food and my husband and I realized we needed a refresher on some basic first aid we bought this book I absolutely love it I love how simple and easy it is to understand I m a visual person and the pictures are fantastic I even bought this for my 12 year old niece and 6 year old nephew I highly recommend this book.

  11. MARTHA MARTHA says:

    This is a straightforward and easily understood first aid book for everyone, particularly NEW PARENTS who don t have or want to call family for everything that they question about their child s health or injury I have bought a copy of this for every new parent in my family 5 grandchildren who have had 3 of my Great grandchildren to date I hope they find them useful, but the generation of the 20 somethings don t really turn to BOOKS unless reminded they exist and are very useful often useful than the internet on their cell phones.

  12. NEO NEO says:

    Outdated Buy something else I got this for a friend who is a new parent She has no experience with first aid As someone who works in EMS, I saw a lot of places is the book with outdated information or just plain bad direction advice The outdated part wasn t what bothered me I saw the publishing date it was the still pertinent but poorly presented information direction that I found unacceptable.

  13. LindaK LindaK says:

    Everyone who has children should have this book Better to be safe than sorry Read this book and then have it on hand Good gift for babysitter or childcare center.

  14. Mary Ann Mary Ann says:

    DK Publishing has high standards, and this how to guide meets them all It is well organized, simply written, and clearly illustrated so you can take appropriate action even in an emergency situation.Every parent, grandparent, and day care provider needs to have a copy at hand I bought several for the house, the car, the stroller I could not recommend it highly, and as a grandparent, I hope I never have to use it.

  15. ecogal ecogal says:

    Being a new parent means being constantly concerned about my child s safety So I wanted a book on hand with quick instructions just in case something happens This book has easy instructions and great pictures that are easy to understand As others wrote, some things, like CPR, have changed But there are great YouTube videos for that as well as instructions online.