The heartbreaking and heartwarming true story of a mother dying of a cancer and the special gift she left for her husband and two young sons it ll have you crying and laughing equally Now a major film starring Rafe Spall and Emilia Fox, which the Guardian called Heartfelt, sweet and desperately sadAlways kiss the boys goodbye and goodnight Please teach the boys to say what they mean Mummy loved orange Club biscuits, jam and jelly and lemon curd For Kate Greene, nothing was as important as the happiness and well being of her two little boys, Reef and Finn, and her loving husband, Singe Even when she fell very ill, they were her only concern Over her last few days, Kate created Mum s List With Singe s help, she wrote her thoughts and wishes down, trying to help the man she loved create the best life for their sons after she was gone Mum s List encapsulates Kate s passionate nature, her free spirit and even her sense of humour It became Singe s rock, as he turned to it again and again for strength and inspiration Slowly, gradually, Singe began to fulfil Kate s requestsThis is the heart warming memoir of how Kate s list has helped Singe and his brave little boys move on and build a new life for themselves, while always keeping her in their heartsThis updated edition contains new material from Singe and behind the scenes photos from the film adaptation of the book This wasn t what I thought it would be I was interested to read parts of it but found the parts detailing the sex life of the mum the author a bit distasteful, it would have been better without those bits, in my opinion I m no prude And asking the surgeon to move the cut for the caesarean, for aesthetics, alienated me from the author even further I m giving it 3 stars as parts of it were well written I don t want to be too harsh about a book whose income most likely goes towards the children of said mum. This is just the most heartening and sad book to be read on the subjects of love and of cancer Shining throughout is the enormous amount of love Kate and Singe had have for each other and their two rumbunctious boys The sadness of Reef s cancer at such a tender age is every parents nightmare, but unlike in so many families it caused them to pull together even further, not apart as so often happens Kate s love for her family shines through, and because of her list Singe s job after her death is made a little easier by having something solid to follow at the very time it was impossible to think at all I wish this whole family love and good health to have ever adventures. I was unsure about reading this book as I thought I d spend the whole time crying, but in actual fact it s a lovely story that pulls at your heart strings, but gives a really positive outlook What an amazing person Kate was and the relationships she had with people were a testament to that An incredibly moving novel I would recommend to others x Singe helped at one of our D of E weekends and bought his lovely dog and brilliant smile one of very few dogs i have liked and i have never forgotten Singe pretending to wind him up and sending him running around Goblin Combe, much to everyones excitement That was before the boys were born but having met him the book was even appealing I cried through a lot of it but It shows what a great Mum Kate was and what an excellent Dad Singe still is The positive attitude of all of them and their support network shines through Thank you do much for sharing your story so honestly Singe I already had a list and I am inspired to add to it, right now Bought this having seen the interview with Singe on This Morning It s the kind of book I would choose to read and I really really wanted to like it.But something bothers me about this book and I m not quite sure what it is I don t know if it s the fact that it seems to repeat itself rather a lot, or that the actual List seems to get a bit lost amidst the story about Singe himself It just all seems a bit self indulgent That sounds horrible the poor man is grieving, but that s just the way it came across and whilst I wanted to be sympathetic and full of admiration for what Singe was doing, I really struggled I felt like the main theme Kate s List, got lost A huge shame.That s not to say it s all bad it isn t I did my fair share of crying, especially at the beginning and the tales of Kate herself, her great spirit and love for life are inspiring, interesting and heartwarming But as the book progresses, the chapters get long and a bit boring in places and there is just too much self pity, to the point of irritating.Gutted I didn t like it. This was bought for a present so I can only comment on delivery which was excellent My friend had asked for this book as she had seen an interview with the author Up to now she has said the book is very good and heartbreaking in places I can t wait til she s read it then I can borrow it off her The book was in immaculate condition seeing as I bought a used one Would recommend using them again Dieses Buch kann ich nur empfehlen Es ist sehr emotional geschrieben und trifft einen als Leser immer wieder.Man kann sich sehr gut in den Alltag der Familie einf hlen und bekommt einen Eindruck vom Leben eines Krebspatienten. Sad story about a courageous Mum and the terrible hand dealt to them as a family from cancer.Poorly written and very repetitive Kate sounds like a wonderful person, life can be so very cruel Well done to her Mum for contributing with a detailed diary she had kept, very interesting for anyone experiencing this terrible illness.Sorry has to be said, all singe seemed bothered about was finding someone else as doesn t like been on his own Yes Kate s wishes were for him to not be alone but please have some respect And when the children asked when we will get a new mummmy his answer should of been never No one will replace Kate, she was there Mum, this breaks my heart Yes he may well find someone else, fine but they will never be the boys Mum. Mum s list is a story of a very courageous lady, who cared very much for her children and family She is an example to us all.