Revision Express A level Study Guides covering AS and A material in one book A new approach to exam success, making your revision fast and effectiveWhat A level Examiners say about Revision Express Study Guides The Style is succinct and the focus is on exam success the material does provide what it promises a revision guide, a quick whiz through the material needed for the exam It s amazing what you can get into two pages Unique cover flap system to help the reader navigate through AS A material Each double page spread will be a self contained unit following a standard sequence This reinforces the concept that it isbeneficial to study little and often with each session containing a clear focus Self assessment features on every page including Check point which asks questions on material just covered, and a system whereby the reader marks up each section according to their level of understanding so difficult topics can be easily revisited Additional features are contained in a narrow column on each page Examiner s Secrets, The Jargon, Check the Net, and Study Skills hints including memorisation techniques all integrated into the body of the text rather than confined to a separate chapter Answers will be provided for all questions, for essay style questions these will normally be outline answers indicating structure and coverage On line references to author websites, companion websites and other authoritative sites, further questions and answers The books highlight the aspects of the subject that are most vital for exam success therefore focusing on the areas that are always examined or areas that pose a particular problem in an exam context