I bought this book having completed a basic homeopathy course I was hoping that this would be the only book I needed to buy Unfortunately I am a bit disappointed by it and end up referring to my notes from the course rather than looking in the book It is nicely illustrated and good for looking at the varying remedies but if you are looking for a remedy for an illness, I don t find it that useful or easy to use. Well written book, easy to understand and covers a wide range on topics an excellent book Excellent reference book Bullet points and easy to read Very clear, easy to understand. Excellent reference book for anyone with an interest in Homeopathy I found this book to be clear, concise, well laid out, easy to read A great book for beginners and professionals alike I love it What a bargain thank you. A comprehensive guide to homeopathic remedies and how to use them Find out how to improve your health with this invaluable guide to homeopathic remedies Includes Unique Materia Medica beautifully illustrated profile for each remedy, including a look at its origin, historical and medicinal background, preparation and the principle physical, psychological and emotional symptoms associated with it How homeopathy can help with asthma, breast problems, cancer, depression, infertility, multiple sclerosis, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis and strokes Self help guide on how to treat ailments including acne and insomnia, sprains, colic in babies and PMS This is an excellent book It provides a brief but sufficient explanation of what homeopathy is and how it works Then provides a detail explanation of the major remedies divided by plants, minerals, etc After it presents the minor ones Then it presents the most serious ailments, follow by the self help The book is easy to use, information is clearly explained and there are enough images and tables to support the information The remedies recommendations are presented professionally and carefully, indicating when seeking a medical specialist is necessary Fully recommended if you want to introduce yourself and your family to alternative medicine. I have actually used this book so much that now the pages are starting to yellow its a great book ive been able to diagnose so many ailments because of it Even when my wife had a horrible reaction we went to the hospital cause we thought it was the measles ER told her it was an allergy but said it was something completely different than what it really was I was able to take her home read her issue in the book..and get rid of the symptoms in less than 30 mins i have been continuously using this book and it has saved me many times