Whatever your health concerns you will find expert advice on hand in the latest edition of this essential medical reference guide This authoritative, quick reference book covers every aspect of health and medicine, and includes all the latest significant medical developments Endorsed by the BMA this is a must for every household

8 thoughts on “BMA A-Z Family Medical Encyclopedia (Medical Encylopedia)

  1. ergoatlantis ergoatlantis says:

    A brilliant book at explaining medical problems, their symptoms and possible remedies However, I have left off one star because I believe a bit space could have been devoted to preventive measures For instance, in an old 1960s medical book, I read about different types of exercise and the importance of various foods There is to good health than just illnesses.

  2. simon simon says:

    If you know what pseudohermaphroditism is and know the names and signs of 7000 medical problems then you could turn to that page and clarify and look at treatment if your not a doctor then this is no good as a family medical journal, There is no guide at all to help search via symptoms.

  3. performing-arts.co Customer performing-arts.co Customer says:


  4. Hannah Jenkins Hannah Jenkins says:

    most useful book I own as a trainee Paramedic, every house hold should have one for those things that get mentioned but your not quite shore if you actually know what it is not shore id choose to use it for treatment advice as every patient is different, but knowledge wise it explains thing really concisely.

  5. Jules Jules says:

    Wow, arrived in two days and looks brand new Me dads gonna be well chuffed thinking I spent 25.00 New he can spend the holidays deciding what illness he s got this week Thank you.

  6. gjburns gjburns says:

    good item Thank you

  7. E Sperry E Sperry says:

    Just wanted a medical book to help with a clinical course Just what I needed, enough detail for revision Also a useful book for having I the home Doesn t offer a symptoms index however So not so good if you wanted to self diagnose

  8. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    This book is brilliant, and has lots of information in it I like the fact, that it is alphabetical.