Quantum gravity is among the most fascinating problems in physics It modifies our understanding of time, space and matter The recent development of the loop approach has allowed us to explore domains ranging from black hole thermodynamics to the early Universe This book provides readers with a simple introduction to loop quantum gravity, centred on its covariant approach It focuses on the physical and conceptual aspects of the problem and includes the background material needed to enter this lively domain of research, making it ideal for researchers and graduate students Topics covered include quanta of space classical and quantum physics without time tetrad formalism Holst action lattice QCD Regge calculus ADM and Ashtekar variables Ponzano Regge and Turaev Viro amplitudes kinematics and dynamics of D Lorentzian quantum gravity spectrum of area and volume coherent states classical limit matter couplings graviton propagator spinfoam cosmology and black hole thermodynamics