Providing a comprehensive, pedagogical introduction to scattering amplitudes in gauge theory and gravity, this book is ideal for graduate students and researchers It offers a smooth transition from basic knowledge of quantum field theory to the frontier of modern research Building on basic quantum field theory, the book starts with an introduction to the spinor helicity formalism in the context of Feynman rules for tree level amplitudes The material covered includes on shell recursion relations, superamplitudes, symmetries of Nsuper Yang Mills theory, twistors and momentum twistors, Grassmannians, and polytopes The presentation also covers amplitudes in perturbative supergravity, D Chern Simons matter theories, and color kinematics duality and its connection to gravity gauge theory x gauge theory Basic knowledge of Feynman rules in scalar field theory and quantum electrodynamics is assumed, but all other tools are introduced as needed Worked examples demonstrate the techniques discussed, and overexercises help readers absorb and master the material

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    A book that you must have in your personal collection It s a very nice and pedagogical book to learn about the modern amplitude techniques..

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    Excellent textbook and excellent printing quality.