Informative This book is designed to be a source of reference for anyone who practices phlebotomy within the United Kingdom whether as a trainee or experienced Phlebotomist, Nurse, Midwife or other Allied Healthcare Professional Each chapter deals with the important facts and techniques in a step by step approach to provide the essentials required to obtain venous blood samples which are truly representative of the patient s condition free from artefacts and matched to the patient s details Includes detailed information on current equipment, winged collection sets, tourniquets, blood group and clotting physiology, anatomy of common sampling sites, blood collection tubes and causes of pre analytical errors Endorsed by the National Association of Phlebotomists. This book was really useful in helping me to understand about what the doctors look for every time I give blood But i really bought this book for my girlfriend who is a nurse and want s to know about doing blood samples. Item as expected, quick delivery Excellent book for starting out as a phlebotomist and also a refresher for fully qualified Phlebotomist love it very easy to learn from it Great book good product