A Short Course in Happiness After Loss brings to us a powerful intersection of the science of positive psychology and the wisdom necessary to thrive when facing life s harshest moments In poetic, compassionate and yet fearless language, Sirois traverses the territories we most fear death, exile, disease and carefully lights pathways toward a happiness that includes the scars of our suffering and the bounty and goodness present within our world Her work offers each of us, no matter the trials of our lives, a template for rising through pain into a steady, resilient and open heart, one capable of facing sorrow and loving fully and laughing richly anywayDr Maria Sirois is a clinical psychologist, international consultant and inspirational speaker who works in the intersections of psychology and wellbeing She is a master teacher and facilitator, devoted to the science of happiness and the art of crafting a life and a work that embodies health, passion and success As a positive psychologist and consultant, she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit, particularly when under chronic stress and or the shock of things falling apart Her first book, Every Day Counts Lessons in Love, Faith and Resilience From Children Facing Illness is used as a teaching tool at wellness centers, hospitals and hospices and offers wisdom from those who are dying Her home is in the Berkshire Mountains