Thank you for sharing your insightful gleanings from your clinic As a fellow professional, I thank you for the sense of sharing, and caring that we all need to connect with as we move through of adolesence of human development into the adulthood of maturity and realisation that we are all here as part of the universe and as such when we give freely, as you do of your knowledge, we receive a thousandfold in return Namaste This was a gift This book was very helpful thankyou great little book Great core text book. very good Using for a hypnotherapy course Interesting read with valuable insight into the art of hypnotherapy.Prompt delivery. This book offers an interesting insight on the topic of hypnotherapy therapeutic approaches I have it handy in my bookshelf for quick reviews Recommendable. This book is required reading for my hypnotherapy training course at KICH hypnotherapy training in Kent, it is full of information and is really easy to understand a book we recommend heartily. An authoritative resource for the hypnotherapist Completely revised and edited The New Hypnotherapy Handbook shows you how to optimize the mind body connection to help your clients heal Healing techniques with hypnosis that work The complete Case Analysis The new Model for Exquisite Regression therapy New distinctions in parts therapy All new Time Track Therapy Strategies for pain relief Emergency hypnosis techniques Metaphor therapy applications How to resolve difficult cases Much, much This book is designed for the already certified hypnotherapist looking to expand their practice with advanced techniques and strategies