The Merck Index is a one volume encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs and biologicals that containsthan , monographs Each monograph in this authoritative reference source is a concise description of a single substance or a small group of closely related compounds Compounds included human and veterinary drugsbiotech drugs and monoclonal antibodiessubstances used for medical imagingbiologicals and natural productsplants and traditional medicinesnutraceuticals and cosmeceuticalsagriculturals, pesticides and herbicidesOrganic chemicals used in researchFood additives and supplementsdyes, colors and indicatorsenvironmentally significant substances Information provided chemical, common and generic namesOver , trademarks and associated companiesCAS Registry Numbers for over , compoundsOver , chemical structuresmolecular formulae, weights and percentage compositioncapsule statements identifying compound classes and scientific significancescientific and patent literature referencesphysical and toxicity datatherapeutic and commercial usescaution and hazard information In addition, there arethannew and completely revised monographs, thousands of new references, trademarks and uses added to existing monographs Now includes a companion CD ROM which featuresmonographs no longer available in print, organic name reactions, supplemental tables and a new user interface for user friendly searching Features of the CDSearchable by keywords, references, and numerical properties Search the complete contents of the th edition, plus nearly a thousand monographs archived from previous editions Comes with a free one year subscription to the Merck Index Internet Edition Windows compatible CD powered by CambridgeSoft s ChemFinder Extensively revised supplemental tables now including acronyms, vaccines, and physical constants More thanpages of hard to find information in one easy to use place

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