A compilation of nearly all of the excerpts from the Edgar Cayce readings on food and beverages If you care about your health this is one of the most valuable references you can own It contains over entries and an index by illness showing which foods will be helpful and which ones you would do better to avoid If you care about your health this is one of the most valuable references you can own A handy guide to keep right in the kitchen or wherever you plan your meals Contains a useful index by illness showing which foods will be helpful and which ones you would do better to avoid Previously published as EDGAR CAYCE SPEAKS

14 thoughts on “Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Foods for Health and Healing

  1. stg2bio.co Addict stg2bio.co Addict says:

    I kind of quite like the idea of this book knowing that it stems from the channelled messages from Edgar Cayce but in reality I ve found it quite difficult to follow It seems that the same condition is mentioned through the book under various different foods and I think it would have been a lot better if the condition was listed with the foods listed underneath As it is, you can think you ve found all there is for a particular condition, read on out of curiosity and find the condition or illness mentioned again and again under various different foods.How would anyone know which foods to look up Surely people would look up the condition first and hope to find all the remedies and possibilties associated with it underneath.Maybe I ve not delved deep enough but at first and second glance through this it seems disjointed and hard to follow.

  2. Eric Roberts Eric Roberts says:

    Yet to be fully understood Here contained in one volume written in laymans terms is the most comprehensive information on health benefited through diet in publication.

  3. Marilyn Allen Marilyn Allen says:

    A very informative reference book.It is very easy to read and helpful Recommended for all diet and nutrition students and a must for every bookshelf.

  4. Dotty Morris Dotty Morris says:

    Just many types of Journal enteries felt it didnt marry up with the title

  5. sue stringer sue stringer says:

    Great help for my studying

  6. Mr. N. Glover Mr. N. Glover says:

    This is an excellent book if you are a follower of the Edgar Cayce regime It covers most illnesses and will describe what type of foods you should be eating to get yourself back to good health Its style is based on extracts from Edgar Cayce s readings and may appear strange to readers not familiar to his work If you can understand its format then you will benefit from this book no matter what illness you may have.

  7. James teufen James teufen says:

    A truly master book, excellent and a must in any home, indispensable a truly classic, what else can I possible add.

  8. Mortisia Mortisia says:

    I bought this as recommended for a course that I am doing on Nutrition, it has been a superb help in giving me differing views on ways of eating and peoples opinions of what is a healthy food.

  9. H. Qualls H. Qualls says:

    most pleased

  10. Rawlson Lawrence Rawlson Lawrence says:

    Had to use it to help a friend out before I even used it for myself Great info in there and it s working too Happy I got this.

  11. Nette Nette says:

    Good to have on hand when I need it.

  12. Stefen Lee Stefen Lee says:

    It is amazing to read about people s medical issues from the past, 70 years ago They are no different as of present day What is of interest is how simple and basic changes in a persons lifestyle and food intake, can change your whole body So far I find this book to be helpful and en lighting It is not a novel to read cover to cover, but to pick a specific subject SLIP.S So far I have lost 30lbs just with some minor changes in my food and drink intake, and the edema in my legs have been reduced.

  13. michael gonzales michael gonzales says:

    great resource for just about anything that ails you or how to prevent.good book to have in your library.all natural recipes.this is easy to navigate and understand.

  14. Gerald E. Bradley Gerald E. Bradley says:

    The information contained in the book is excellent, but the format renders the information nearly useless The format of the book should be chapters and foods by the type ailment, not the type food The format as I purchased would require hours of reading to get all the information about any specific ailment Terrible, I would never purchase another book by this author and the price I paid for this one in for all practical purpose just wasted.