This Code of Practice has been revised to reflect current best practice It gives guidance to those responsible for the inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical appliances The text specifies the frequency and scope of inspections and testing in different environments The new revision is printed in colour and includes many drawings aimed at helping to identify common problems

8 thoughts on “Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment

  1. LG LG says:

    Hi, a good guide to all you need to know about PAT Testing.Just be aware that the 4th edition is due to be released in November 2012.The book has been revised to take account of the PAT aspects of Professor L fstedt s report and the HSE view that promotes a proportionate risk based approach when assessing the safety of electrical equipment and appliances This will help users, those responsible for the equipment and testers of the equipment to maintain safety.HSE encourages the adoption of this approach.The changes will also be reflected in the City Guilds 2377 course.The Code of Practice enables duty holders to understand the requirements placed on them in law to maintain electrical equipment, using correct documentation, that falls under their control and to understand what inspection and testing involves It also gives guidance to those carrying out in service inspection and testing of electrical equipment PAT.

  2. D. O. Bennett D. O. Bennett says:

    No words needed for this book other than a necessity and vital book for any in PAT Testing Very good explanatory procedures for testing and descriptions of items, and the pass safety levels required A must book, but only negative is the extortionate cost asked for this book Many books with detail and pages cost approximately half this price Thus the IEE seek such an extortionate price knowing the public WILL have to pay the cost to get into PAT testing

  3. saj saj says:

    Great book we ll laid out

  4. Dave Dave says:

    Anyone that is thinking of doing a PAT testing course and exam will need this book.It is allowed to be taken into the exam and all answeres can be found in the book,,,,,,,,,,,,somewhere It is a required item for the course and well worth buying and studying,in full,over and over again.Dave

  5. Brian David Topping Brian David Topping says:

    Found it useful for the course at the local college as I wanted to see whether I had fogotten anything from the time that I had worked for a company that I needed to know this information and also keep up to date.

  6. Glen R. Glen R. says:

    Handy book from the IET Gives you all the information you require

  7. James M James M says:

    Rather pricey, but very well written and laid out Unlike many electrical regulation books Easy to scan for information I bought it for the C G exam Excellent for that, but will also be a useful reference book, now I have passed

  8. Spudmum Spudmum says:

    Great book at a much reduced price In very good, clean condition, great value for money Husband needed this to pass his pat testing course and it was very useful and did the job