Guy Martin, lorry mechanic, motorcycle racing legend and favourite of the Isle of Man TT, lives for the buzz he feels racing his bike round terrifying bends at mph Nothing, he claims, can match it Or can it Guy is about to find out Guy faces four dangerous and thrilling speed record challenges, pushing the boundaries of speed, and his body, to determine just how fast one man can go Together with the best of British engineering and design, scientific research, ground breaking technology and a Gold medal winning athlete or two, Guy attempts to pedal a bicycle over mph by using the slipstream of an articulated lorry build the world s fastest human powered aircraft hydroplane a modified motocross bike across a two kilometre lake and become the fastest man on a toboggan Tying in with the Channeltelevision series, Speed offers the inside track the feats of engineering, the science behind the speed, the history of the challenges and Guy s adrenaline fuelled, jaw dropping attempts to break the records How do you create an aeroplane frame that s super light but safe enough to crash What should you fill your bicycle tyres with if common air will explode under the heat of mph speeds And why is the shape of a peregrine falcon the ideal model for a toboggan Exploring aerodynamics, surface tension, friction, gravity and ground effect, Guy discovers how and why things go really fast

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