From the best selling author of SPONTANEOUS HEALING, a brilliantly conceived, safe and effective eight week programme for improving and maintaining health Dr Weil first explains, then shows how, week by week, gradual changes can lead to long term benefits such as greater vitality, weight loss and a body which heals itself Incorporating alternative medicines and treatments, he provides specific and detailed information on diet withrecipes , exercise, stress reduction techniques, and vitamins and supplements He also customizes programmes for a dozen categories, such as pregnant women, people at risk of cancer, overweight people, and senior citizens Building on the breakthrough thinking of SPONTANEOUS HEALING, Dr Weil provides an invaluable means to maintain health and lessen the need for medical intervention

15 thoughts on “8 Weeks To Optimum Health

  1. Ben De Goose Ben De Goose says:

    Before reading the book, I would have said I should have read this book ten years earlier but now I know how to turn this opinion into positive, by saying Thanks God I had the chance to read this book now and not ten years later As every single close relative in my family is dangerously obese who struggles with diabetes and high blood pressure, I have been a diet fanatic for the past twenty years, watching my food intake 24 7, driving my friends crazy with my constant reminders of the risk of consuming unhealthy foods and drinks Now this book has given me a reassurance that I have been on the right track What I liked the most about the book is that finally it gives a STRATEGY that can be applied with relative ease, and it gives EXACT steps, not just the theory The author is so right in saying that people start to panic only AFTER some real damage has been done to their bodies I am going to buy a couple of these books for Christmas and give them to my family members and my lady friend she is not my special lady, dude , with the hope they won t be offended by my gesture One line I particularly liked in this book was when the author writes there are so many elements in life we cannot control around us, but there is definitely one that we ARE ABLE to control what we put into our bodies Very true There is NO EXCUSE for not taking care of yourself when all the data is out there However, this book is not just a simple get fit quick book it is a manual for a full scale lifestyle change, so one will need discipline and commitment to do it But it is so worth it.

  2. Babs Edinburgh Babs Edinburgh says:

    Enjoying the content and the commonsense way in which it is written Dr Weil doesn t promise the moon, but gently reminds readers that it is up to them to make the changes to their lifestyles.Babs Edinburgh

  3. Customer Customer says:

    good book poor condition

  4. Ashok Ashok says:

    Very fast delivery Excellent Product

  5. Mr Gary E Whorwood Mr Gary E Whorwood says:

    After reading this book, I felt that all I needed to do was to follow the Doctor s advice and I would be invincible to all health problems I m sure it s not that simple, but I bet that if I did follow his advice I would be pretty damn healthy This book is written in an easy to follow style and is peppered with examples of people who have been cured by adopting a sensible lifestyle.The best thing about this book is the philosophy that it is better to be healthy than to be cured by a doctor and that we should be using the body s own healing powers to stay on top of things This is a philosophy that I think is becoming popular in the 21st century but maybe as a way of thinking than a way of acting if the habits of the people I know are anything to go by But and people who suffer from chronic conditions that do not seem to be curable by conventional means would do well to take a look at this book The advice may not always work, but none of it is radical enough to do you any harm.Just after Christmas is a great time to be reading this it is bound to help supoort some of those New Year Resolutions to adopt a healthier lifestyle This is definitely worth reading it could change your life forever.

  6. Cal Gray Cal Gray says:

    A bit dated but good information and an easy readGives general information but a little shy on specificsSomethings I don t agree with the author but all in all good

  7. Patrick D. Goonan Patrick D. Goonan says:

    Overall, I think this is a very good book for someone who is trying to turn their health habits around, but is overwhelmed by all of the possibilities It also a good track to run on for someone who wants to implement important life changes in an easy step wise fashion There is nothing fanatical about the recommendations and they can be easily implemented by almost anyone.One of the things I most like about this book is the encouraging tone and the prioritization of various changes that are made little by little in eating habits, exercise, etc This book recommends walking as the main source of exercise and gives some great arguments for why this makes sense I think there are also some good and simple nutritional guidelines e.g eliminated trans fatty acids, eating fiber, using olive oil, etc.Mixed in with some well researched conclusions are Dr Weil s opinions For example, he recommends a fairly simple supplementation regimen While it is true that not everything he says is necessarily supported by corresponding studies, it is also probably that some of it is on the mark, but the data is not all in or all of the variables are not possible to isolate At the least, I don t see where this level of supplementation would do harm to most people.I also like that Dr Weil takes a holistic approach to health He not only looks at and talks about the body He also addressed stress and relaxation, life attitudes and other ingredients of a healthy life that impact on health While he is very commercial, he is also a Harvard trained physician and I do think that he has some very good insights to share.While in some ways I think this book can be better I would still recommend it to almost anyone, especially people who are intimidated by the idea of exercising and changing their life habits While not every suggestion might be on target, I am sure that if someone implemented ALL the suggestions over eight weeks, they would undergo a big positive change in the state of their health I have certainly found this to be true and I cheat on some of them

  8. Bryan V Bryan V says:

    Are you drinking all the water you should be Well, I thought I was, but now Andrew brings up lots of issues with tap water Other interests I foud the dangers of sleeping too close to your clock radio, standing next to the microwave, nuking food in plastic, the list goes on Lots of good details for health.Andrew s 8 week program is realistic and easy to follow You slowly move into a healthy life style, this is not a loose XXX pounds in 8 weeks book It s not really a diet at all, this book teaches important lessons that you ll retain long after you ve read the book.The tape is easy to listen to, Andrew s voice is great Many times he says, Try to , that s someone I can trust and WANT to listen to.

  9. Sukey Sukey says:

    This little book contains on every page, valuable and interesting information on how to maximize your healing potential Most of this advice, I had already put into operation, but it is good to have it confirmed by the inestimable Dr Weill I dogear and underline on just about every page The information on adaptogens was especially enlightening Worth easily twice or three times what I paid for it.

  10. L. St. Louis L. St. Louis says:

    I first saw Dr Weil on the Wisdom channel and I was impressed by his programme I bought the book in late 2003 I was pregnant at the time and I was surprised to see a section for pregnant women I m sorry that I did not get a hand on my copy earlier As it was, during the last month of my pregnancy and first month post partum, I followed his advice on eating salmon, kippers, sardines etc Today my daughter is 14 months old, healthy and thriving I recommend this book to all pregnant women If I had all his information from the beginning of my pregnancy, I might have had an easier delivery It s a great book.

  11. SallyF SallyF says:

    Eating a well balanced diet rich in nutrients the body needs seems to be difficult these days, but this book helps with so many decisions.

  12. Carrie Le Chevallier Carrie Le Chevallier says:

    Reading this for the 2nd time Fantastic tips and advice Easy to follow

  13. Elisabeth M. F Elisabeth M. F says:

    I like this book and it has been added to my collection I recommend it I gave it 4 stars as i already have a bit of this knowledge

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  15. K. Cole K. Cole says:

    Simple ideas for improving your health from a well respected doctor Simple to read and understand without being boring.