Donna Eden is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine In this important book she shows you how to work with you body s energy to create physical, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing Discover how to Bring energy and vitality into your everyday life Use simple techniques to overcome tiredness and lethargy Cure common complaints and prevent disease Work with the eight major energy systems of the body for health and healing Heal your mind, body and soul Energy medicine is a beautifully written, step by step approach for everyone who wants to achieve a healthier body, a sharper mind and a joyful spirit

11 thoughts on “Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energy for Optimal Health, Joy & Vitality: How to Use Your Body's Energies for Optimum Health and Vitality

  1. Leila Leila says:

    This book is well written and straightforward to follow I have found it invaluable in helping me get rid of pain I d had for years and with so little effort nothing short of miraculous I cannot recommend this book highly enough, whether you re feeling healthy or not I ve had insomnia on and off for many years, but since doing a 5 minute routine morning and evening, I sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed.The recommended exercises are a pleasure to do, take about 1 min each and there are hundreds of online videos on youtube showing you how to do them I wish I d found this book 20 years ago when it first came out.If you or anyone you know has any health issues, I d recommend you buy this book and try their recommendations out for a month.

  2. C. Golightly C. Golightly says:

    This book is amazing and I absolutely love Donna Eden and her energy is contagious I am just about to do some of these with my family and will also share with friends and clients There is definitely a lot of sense and truth in what Donna is teaching us we are all energy and we can heal ourselves Thank you Donna

  3. AJ AJ says:

    PracticalA little difficult to follow sometimes and have to reread but useful to find the relevant you tube video that correlates to get the information to stick in my mind.Still reading but have already recommended a number of sections to friends and who have also bought the book.Taking ownership of our our care is key to a better future however it can be difficult with the way we live.

  4. neb89 neb89 says:

    excellent composite of body energy information and material.Small problem on kindle is that the diagrams are not dense enough to see the lines and so they are not too easy to interpret.

  5. ReviewMan ReviewMan says:

    What a shame that a reviewer who gave it 1 star couldn t read the charts Inside this book is a mine of, a mixture of, pure love and health advice It has answered many questions that I had formulated over my life This is the book for me it is not going on the bookshelf, that s for sure I will keep this to hand so that I can refer to it frequently Donna is so down to earth, yet so eloquent and easy to understand.

  6. Ms. M. Parsons Ms. M. Parsons says:

    Very good instructions on how to energise your body and healing but i found i get a lot from the Videos on youtube and they ared free You can actually see her doing the exersizes which is a lot easier than following instructions from a book i feel

  7. diana diana says:

    This is a review of the supplier not the content of the book.I m really surprised that the supplier sent this book out to a customer It actually made me laugh as it s such a mess I m not sure what process the book went through to end up like this Nevertheless, I would like a proper copy please

  8. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    I already have this book which is fabulous just like Donna Eden is I have bought another so that I can keep one at work I am an Holistic therapist and counsellor and find that so many people have a very simple problem their energy has stuck or become reversed With simple, short exercises just a few minutes the energy flow is restored and they feel good again so are back in control of their lives, feel differently mentally, emotionally and physically and don t need to come back to me.

  9. Poonam Negi Poonam Negi says:

    Author has tried to accomodate much but everything is vague No technique is explained in a manner that you can practice it untill you have done course in energy medicine Illustration and pictures are less and unclear Quite disappointed with the book as earlier reviews were good so I purchased it but I found youtube videos informative than the book Good for reading but practical part you can t practice on the basis of this book.

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Donna writes in a very logical and easy to follow fashion The book is filled with easy exercises that work with the body to strengthen every aspect of it, including the emotional and spiritual I highly recommend it as well as the Energy Medicine Kit that contains her video and cards of all the exercises that go along with the book.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Seriously, everybody needs to buy this book It s easy to read and understand, and the exercises and techniques are so easy to do and learn I cured the back ache I had for years in just a few minutesreally much to my shock and amazement