This book contains a lot of clear and correct information which are a great aid for the exams.The book is also a good thing to have as it contains a few things that come up in exams that the teacher will not go over.On the other hand, there are a few incorrect answers to the summary questions it contains, and also there are certain sections in particular unit 2 waves that can be misleading due to the book making assumptions when giving explanations.Still, overall, a great addition to any physicists revision archive. useful This is a great textbook, my physics teachers aren t the best and don t always explain things clearly, so I have been able to use this textbook to self teach chapters and make sure I have covered everything I need for the exam The questions and summary exercises in each chapter have been a great help Nice item as described No issues Great Service. just the book i needed fast dispatch The blend of Student Books and supporting online resources allow you to personalise the delivery of the course to meet students needs, with plenty of practical activities to develop the skills required to tackle How Science Works Feel confident that you are covering exactly what is required of the AQA Physics A AS specification Learning Objectives, clearly referenced to the related statements in the AQA specification, let students know exactly what they ll need to learn and understand in that topic Extension materials provide extra challenges for students, helping them to develop key skills. A great book but it could do with example questions and a lot of the stuff I needed to look up on line It is great for a guide though