Offering a complete course for students following GCSE or an equivalent course, this text begins with basic electronics principles It develops the concepts through semiconductors, analogue electronics and digital electronics Great condition and a bargain for the price a good book however suited to A level not for a degree course as it does not go in to a lot of depth and there is no derivations of equations used in the circuits However it does have a clear and friendly approach making it ideal for A level students or for someone with no prior knowledge of electronics. An old book reprinted on not too good a quality paper and the pictures are in black and white Not like the original copy that I remember but the book is good to read through with plenty of questions at the end of each section Would recommend if just starting out in the journey of electronics but is dated now as first edition was printed in 1993 Fine I now have to suffer the daily lectures on the how wonderful this book is and what it is teaching himso an excellent book I guess if you are interested in that sort of thing Great Fantastic book covering everything from the basics of electrical and electronic engineering Covering ohms law, kirchoffs law, components, circuits, boolean logic circuit design and a real great intro to cpu architecture Great book for building fundamental understandings to go to further studies Relatvely easy reading compared to some electrical and electronic engineering, if a bit dated.